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Delivery Truck Accidents

Rochester Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial tractor trailers may pose a substantial danger to motorists on the highway but in city and suburban areas, people need to watch out for delivery trucks. From UPS and FedEx step-van trucks racing between businesses to USPS parcel carriers failing to check intersections in neighborhoods, the dangers delivery trucks can create are varied and significant. What can you do if you have been hit by a delivery truck and suffered serious injuries?

You must be willing to take matters into your own hands and pursue maximum compensation through a civil lawsuit. Unfortunately, delivery truck companies are often backed by major resources and they will have a team of personal injury lawyers ready to swat down your claims. The good news is that Rochester Truck Accident Lawyer Robert King and his dedicated staff are here to help you even the scales and stand up for your rights.

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Delivery truck drivers must always operate their vehicles with complete care and professionalism. Failing to do so can put themselves and everyone around them in unnecessary danger.

Total carefulness is clearly an ideal, however, since delivery truck accidents regularly occur throughout New York State. Understanding the causes of such collisions may help prevent similar ones from occurring in the future.

Primary causes for delivery truck accidents may include:

Too wide: Many people who are hit by a delivery truck are actually pedestrians on foot, and they are often clipped by the truck as it goes by. Inadequate training and handling abilities may have caused the driver to misjudge the width of their delivery truck, causing injuries and damage to adjacent vehicles.

Speeding: Getting packages delivered on time is the lifeblood of a delivery truck business. People expect drivers to meet delivery schedules without fail, and they get upset when they do not. Reckless drivers may use this as an excuse to speed in between destinations, ultimately causing major truck accidents.

Exhaustion: Fatigue is a serious problem for tractor trailer drivers who spend 14 or more hours on highways each day, but exhaustion remains an issue for delivery truck drivers, too. Anyone who drives more than 8 hours within one 24 hour window will get tired. Scheduling issues caused by management may contribute to the likelihood of driver exhaustion.

Intoxication: Delivery truck drivers with previous driving under the influence convictions may be more likely to drink while on the job, having formed the wrongful belief that it is acceptable since they never leave the city streets.

Lack of maintenance: Delivery trucks are not simple contraptions. They require routine maintenance from skilled maintenance crews in order to run smoothly. Safe operations will cease to exist if there is no proper upkeep. In this way, a delivery truck accident could, in part, be caused by maintenance crews.

Protect Yourself with the Help of King Law

A delivery truck accident can cause a variety of serious injuries, from broken bones and spinal cord damage to permanent brain injuries, all of which will require expensive medical treatments and keep you from performing regular work duties for extended periods of time.

To increase your chances of securing maximized compensation, either through a settlement or verdict, let Rochester Personal Injury Attorney Robert King take up your case. Start right now for absolutely nothing upfront by requesting a free case evaluation.


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