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At King Law, we have extensive experience helping individuals through Title IX allegations for those who are seeking justice under the law. Title IX violations such as sex-based discrimination and accusations of harassment or wrongdoing can deeply impact a person’s life. 

Working with an experienced attorney can help ensure you receive a positive disposition in the case. It is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney as early in the process as possible.

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Title IX Regulation Amendments and Updates [2024]

December 2023: Implementation of proposed changes from the Biden-Harris Administration pushed to March 2024. 

November 2023: Democratic Senators send a letter to Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona, over concerns with delays in rulemaking finalization and requesting an updated timeline for finalization of the proposed changes.

May 2023: Proposed changes to Title IX from the Biden-Harris Administration delayed until October. Proposed changes included strengthening protections for individuals experiencing sexual harassment and assault as well as further protections for LGBTQI+ students.

What is Title IX in Syracuse, NY?

Title IX is a federal civil rights law that protects individuals from discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded educational institutions. The law applies to all educational institutions that receive federal funding, including public and private elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities. 

Discrimination covered under Title IX may include but is not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. Title IX is designed to prevent sex-based discrimination and ensure equal educational opportunities.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 was implemented to address sex-based discrimination in federally funded educational programs and activities. It was passed during a time when women were routinely discriminated against based solely on their gender. Title IX helped to remove this discrimination and protect all people from sexual harassment, assault, and more.

What Would Be a Violation of Title IX in Syracuse Schools?

Title IX encompasses a wide range of potential infractions. While these violations range in severity with varying consequences, if found responsible for even a minor infraction, students could face suspension or expulsion. 

Violations of Title IX in Syracuse Colleges and Universities may include:

  • Gender discrimination: discrimination based on gender, such as unfair treatment, sexism, sex stereotyping, and disproportionate athletic programs. Examples of gender discrimination include gender-based bullying, sexist remarks, or discrimination in activities or programs. 
  • Sexual harassment: any unwanted sexual behavior, advances, or offensive sexual conduct interfering with education rights. Examples include stalking, obscene communications, sexually suggestive jokes, and inappropriate touching.
  • Sex violence: sexual abuse, assault, battery, coercion, non-consensual sexual contact, or acts against a person’s will. Examples include sexual assault, attempted or completed rape, and aggressive sexual advances.
  • Retaliation: negative reactions or employment actions due to a filed complaint. Examples include demotion, termination, unfair treatment, or discrimination due to a complaint.
  • Hostile environment: discriminatory or sexual conduct creating an adverse, intimidating, or offensive environment. Examples include bullying, abusive comments, and offensive remarks altering work or education conditions.

Title IX Violation Examples:

  • Unwanted sexual contact
  • Bullying and hazing based on gender
  • Making repeated obscene phone calls or texts
  • Following a person (stalking)
  • Nonconsensual sex 
  • Demotion or firing after filing a Title IX allegation

This infographic lists what a title nine violation might be, examples of what that violation covers, and examples that are not title nine violations.

What Does Title IX Not Protect Against?

While Title IX applies to most federally funded educational institutions, there are certain exclusions. One of the most predominant exclusions is for “single-sex admissions policies of elementary and secondary schools (excluding vocational)  or private undergraduate schools.” Additional exemptions include membership policies of fraternities and sororities, the Girl and Boy Scouts, the YMCA, and other youth service organizations. 

Most Common Title IX Cases in Syracuse, NY

The most common Title IX cases in Syracuse, NY, involve incidents of sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and domestic violence between students. 

Examples of Title IX cases in Syracuse, NY:

  • Student sexually assaults incapacitated student in dorm room.
  • A basketball coach makes unwanted physical contact and threats to players.
  • Lacrosse star engages in repeated abusive behavior with another student.
  • Student athlete dismissed from team after filing Title IX violation claim.

It is important to work with an attorney if there are any allegations of Title IX violations filed. An attorney can help provide guidance through the process.

What To Do if Accused of a Title IX Violation

If you are accused of a Title IX violation, it is important to work with an attorney to determine your legal options. In the initial aftermath of an accusation, you should remain calm and try not to panic. An accusation is only the start of the process and not the final verdict. 

Next, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with your institution’s Title IX process. Retaining legal counsel immediately after an accusation is strongly recommended. An attorney can help you prepare a statement that addresses all aspects of the accusation. Prior to a hearing, you should engage in evidence collecting to support your version of the events. Evidence may include text messages, emails, photographs, and eyewitness accounts. 

Finally, there should be a series of meetings or a hearing on the accusations. You may also explore the mediation options offered by your institution. It is imperative to remain respectful throughout the proceedings. Stay off of social media, and do not speak about the case with anyone except your attorney. If the outcome is unfavorable, you may be able to appeal the decision.

Title IX Investigation: Timeline and Process

It is important to work with an attorney and review your institution’s policies about a Title IX investigation. While universities aim to complete investigations as quickly and efficiently as possible, it may take some time. 

Throughout the process, the administrators are required to evaluate all complaints objectively and without bias. They must have received training in sexual harassment, technology, the grievance process, and more. You are innocent until proven guilty, and the school must be clear about its standard of proof in the case. 

Prior to any findings being released, the school must complete a thorough investigation of any formal complaints. All parties must be notified of the investigation. You have a right throughout the investigation to an advisor. The advisor may be an attorney, and they will be given access to evidence throughout the proceedings. If the results are not favorable, you have the right to appeal.

Title IX Reporting Requirements in Syracuse, NY

Schools must investigate any formal Title IX complaints. Failure to investigate a Title IX complaint can result in liability. The school must respond promptly and effectively. They must also take immediate action to eliminate the alleged harassment, discrimination, violence, or abuse. Allegations of Title IX violations should be reported to the school Title IX coordinator.

How to File a Title IX Complaint in Syracuse, NY

Your institution should provide a clear and concise description of how to file a Title IX complaint. All schools are required to have a Title IX coordinator. Complaints are reported to your institution’s coordinator. You generally have the right to file a complaint anonymously.

You may also file a complaint through the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, at (800) 421-3481, online, or via email at

Title IX Defense Lawyers for Students, Staff, and Faculty

To determine your legal options after being accused of a Title IX violation, you need to speak with an attorney. At King Law, our legal team is well-versed in providing representation for individuals accused of Title IX violations. We provide dedicated defense for students, faculty, and staff.

Colleges and Universities in Syracuse, NY

  • Bryant & Stratton College – Syracuse Campus
  • Le Moyne College
  • Onondaga Community College
  • St. Joseph’s College of Nursing
  • SUNY Upstate Medical University
  • SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
  • Syracuse University and Syracuse University School of Law

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Syracuse Title IX Outcomes at King Law

At King Law, we have represented numerous students, staff, and faculty accused of Title IX violations. We recently represented a student accused of multiple domestic violence violations. Our client was found not responsible after we uncovered numerous inconsistencies during the Title IX hearing. The client was able to return to school and complete his degree. 

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If you have been accused of a Title IX violation in Syracuse, NY, contact our office to discuss your rights. Our Syracuse office is located at 60 Presidential Ct #210, Syracuse, NY 13202. Our attorneys have extensive experience helping clients facing allegations of Title IX violations throughout Syracuse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What would be a violation of Title IX in Syracuse schools?
Sexual harassment, sex-based discrimination, domestic violence, and date rape are all examples of Title IX violations in Syracuse schools.
What does Title IX not protect against in Syracuse, NY?
Title IX does not protect against “single-sex admissions policies of elementary and secondary schools (excluding vocational)  or private undergraduate schools.”
What is the role of the Title IX coordinator in Syracuse colleges and universities?
A Title IX coordinator is responsible for coordinating the school’s compliance with Title IX. They must oversee allegations and complaints of sex discrimination and address any patterns that arise.
Does Title IX apply to private schools in Syracuse?
Title IX applies to most public and private schools that receive federal funding.
Does Title IX apply to higher education employees in Syracuse, NY?
Title IX applies to most higher education employees in Syracuse, NY, if they are employed at a private or public school that receives federal funding.
What does Title IX prohibit in Syracuse, NY?
Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination at federally funded schools in Syracuse, NY. It prohibits sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexual violence, and more.
How much does a Syracuse Title IX lawyer cost?
The cost of a Syracuse Title IX lawyer depends on the circumstances of the case. During the initial consultation, the attorney will review potential costs related to your case.
What happens when you file a Title IX complaint in Syracuse schools?
When you file a Title IX complaint in a Syracuse school, an investigation must be conducted. A hearing is usually used to determine the outcome of the case.