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College students in New York do not often think about the serious consequences of engaging in fraternity and sorority activities, even when Greek life on a university campus involves participation in hazing rituals. Yet hazing can result in serious and fatal injuries, and individuals within the fraternities or sororities where the hazing accident occurred can be held accountable for another person’s injuries or death. To be sure, a college student can face significant criminal charges in relation to hazing. If you are facing criminal charges in connection with a hazing incident on campus, or if you have a child in college who is facing hazing charges, it is essential to begin working with a Rochester criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.

In the meantime, what should you know about facing hazing charges and potential defense strategies? The following are some key things to know about hazing charges in Western New York.

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Hazing Can Result in a Criminal Conviction and a Criminal Record

Under New York law, hazing can be charged as hazing in the first degree or hazing in the second degree. With a charge of hazing in the first degree, in the event of a conviction, the defendant will face the penalties of a class A misdemeanor. What is hazing in the first degree? According to New York law, someone is guilty of first degree hazing when, in the initiation into any organization, the person intentionally or recklessly engages in conduct, including, but not limited to, coming into contact with or requiring physical activity of such other person, which creates a risk of physical injury to the other person and causes and injury.

With a class A misdemeanor conviction, a person can face up to one year in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, and other consequences.

Hazing May Result in Felony Criminal Charges

While the most serious hazing charge under New York law is a misdemeanor, you should know that a hazing incident that results in the death of another person can result in felony charges, which may, in some cases, murder charges.

Various Defenses May Be Available In Your Hazing Case

If you are facing hazing charges, you should know that a criminal defense lawyer may be able to help you show how one or more defenses is applicable in your case. It will be important to work with a criminal defense lawyer in Rochester to tailor a defense strategy to the particular facts of your case. You may be able to prove that your actions were not intentional or reckless, for example. Or, for instance, you might be able to prove that the activity did not create a substantial risk of physical injury and did not constitute hazing. Or, you might be able to show that any injuries at the center of the hazing charges against you were not actually caused by the activity that took place.

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