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Train Accidents

Rochester Train Accident Attorney

After being injured in a train accident, depending on the circumstances of your injuries or the accident itself, you may need to file an individual lawsuit or create or join a class action against the train company. At King Law, you have the option to do either one, without needing to shop around for legal representation.

Rochester Personal Injury Attorney Robert King is wholly familiar with personal injury law and all of its nuances, able to help his clients through thick and thin and with cases both simple and complex.

Take a look at what else sets Attorney King apart from other litigators:

Nearly a decade of experience
“Excellent” Avvo Rating
Hundreds of trials successfully handled
Selection to National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Lawyers

Compensation After a Train Accident

When a train derails or collides with another engine, passengers aboard the train can do very little to protect themselves from harm. Without any safety restraints and often no warning about the imminent crash, passengers may suffer serious injuries, or even death. The outcome is almost-always catastrophic and the damage is widespread. Recuperation can take months or years, and the medical bills will pile up all the while.

You should be able to receive compensation that helps pay for:

Initial emergency medical bills
Ongoing hospital costs and rehabilitation
Lost wages and reduced income
Emotional trauma from the violence of the crash

Your Lawsuit Compared to a Class Action

Most personal injury lawsuits involve one plaintiff going up against one defendant or defendant group, such as an entire company. If your injuries after a train accident are unique, or if not many passengers were actually injured, you may only need to use an individual civil lawsuit to collect compensation.

For most transportation accidents, however, class actions are required. In a class action, one personal injury attorney will file a single lawsuit on behalf of multiple people who were all hurt by the same event, such as a train accident. When the case concludes, if successful, the winnings will be distributed evenly among all plaintiffs.

24/7 Availability for Your Convenience

Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer Robert King understands that crises happen without warning and at all times of the day. For this reason, he and our firm make ourselves available at all hours of the day and all days of the year, even holidays.

If you have been hurt in a train accident and want to talk to someone right away, contact the firm online or call (585) 270-8882 as soon as you can.


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