Single-Motorcycle Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 40% of all motorcycle accidents that cause the rider’s death involve no other vehicles. Single-motorcycle accidents are a serious concern for riders all across the country, especially when considering that it can be difficult to find compensation for your injuries when it would appear that only you were the source of the crash. This is only an assumption, though, and a dangerous one at that. Never jump to the conclusion that there is no hope for your recovery. With proper litigation and an understanding of liability laws, there may be a way to have a more comfortable tomorrow.

At King Law, Rochester Motorcycle Accident Attorney Robert King has the experience and know-how required to analyze your claim from all angles and determine if another party could be liable for your single-motorcycle accident. There are also cases where insurance companies attempt to pay out less than what is required, deserved, or necessary, and his team can step in and act on your behalf to get you a maximized compensation.

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Causes of Single-Motorcycle Accidents

There is an assuredly high number of single-motorcycle accidents that are caused by the simple negligence of the rider – and this is the assumption that insurance companies will make – but there are also a great deal of one-rider collisions that are not the rider’s fault. The careful eye and investigative instincts allow Attorney King to pinpoint liability where other lawyers might have overlooked. When necessary, he can consult with accident reconstructionists and other industry experts to get more evidence that supports your claim.

Other factors that may cause a single-motorcycle accident are:

Defective parts: A bursting tire, failing brake system, or an engine that is out of control may all be caused by a defective motorcycle part, and they may all cause a rider to crash. Part manufacturers must be held accountable for when their products cause such devastating single-rider accidents.

Poor roadways: Motorcycles require perfect balance to be used safely. If a portion of the highway is damaged, excessively bumpy, or uneven, it can toss novice and veteran bikers alike from their rides. The city should be held to the highest of standards, which includes maintaining safe roads.

Other motorists: Just because a motorcycle rider crashes alone does not mean that no one else was involved in the moments that led up to that accident. Drivers of larger vehicles such as cars or trucks may have swerved into their lane to cut them off or bumped into them from behind, only to flee the scene after the crash occurred.

An Argument With Your Insurance Company

The cost to recover after a single-motorcycle accident may be extensive. Rehabilitation therapy could last for years and other medical expenses upfront could range well into the thousands. Your insurance company may give you a lowballed offer after you have been in a crash that involved no other vehicles in an attempt to avoid paying full costs and saving their profits. Needless to say, this practice should not be accepted and you can let a personal injury attorney work on your behalf to negotiate a better settlement with your own insurer.

Your Recovery is Second-to-None

King Law is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Your recover will not be put on a backburner when you put it in the trusted hands of the firm’s Rochester personal injury lawyer. From negotiating settlements out of court to preparing a case for litigation against a stubborn liable party, Attorney King can handle it all for you.

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