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Legal Representation for Criminal Charges in Western New York

Facing criminal charges anywhere can be extremely distressing, and it is important to have help from an experienced defense lawyer. Even in the historic city of Canandaigua, which is a popular Finger Lakes destination in Ontario County, people face criminal charges for a wide variety of reasons. At King Law, we have years of experience serving clients in Upstate New York, and we are committed to providing tailored criminal defense services to individuals in Canandaigua and throughout the Finger Lakes region.

Whether you are currently under investigation or awaiting criminal charges, or you have already been charged and need assistance defending against the charges you are facing, an aggressive Canandaigua criminal defense attorney at King Law can begin working with you today on your case.

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How Our Canandaigua Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Assist You

Our criminal defense attorneys in Canandaigua can assist with your defense in various criminal matters charged under New York state law and federal law. We represent clients in many kinds of violent criminal cases, such as assault, sex crimes, and certain drug crimes, including defense against misdemeanor and felony charges. We also represent clients in a range of white-collar and related offenses, ranging from internet crimes and identity theft to federal fraud charges. At King Law, our criminal defense attorneys can also assist you with traffic violations and DWIs, which are common in Canandaigua and throughout the Finger Lakes region.

We know how critical it is to develop a defense that is appropriate to the charges you are facing and based on the specific circumstances of your arrest. Our firm will conduct its own investigation into your case and will seek critical information to fight the charges you are facing and to gather evidence that proves you should not be convicted.

When to Hire a Canandaigua Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hiring a criminal defense attorney is important in almost all cases in Canandaigua and throughout the Finger Lakes region. Although you might think you can handle your defense on your own, you stand the best chance of beating the charges you are facing by working with an experienced and aggressive defense attorney who can represent you from the initial phases of arrest and discovery through to a jury trial. Criminal law in New York can be complex, and you will want a Canandaigua defense lawyer who can do everything possible to help you avoid a conviction.

Developing a Defense Strategy for Your Canandaigua Criminal Case

At King Law, we understand how critical it is to develop a strong defense strategy that is tailored to the circumstances of your arrest and to the elements of the criminal charges you are facing. There are many different potential defense strategies that could be applicable to your case, and it will be important to work with a lawyer to understand the best way of avoiding a conviction. Common defense strategies in Canandaigua criminal cases include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mistaken identity and you have an alibi;
  • Violation of your rights under state or federal law, requiring that all evidence supporting your arrest and charges be suppressed;
  • Self-defense, defense of a third person, or another justification;
  • Entrapment and other potential affirmative defenses such as duress or insanity;
  • Lack of intent, particularly for fraud and other white-collar offenses that require the prosecution to prove intent; or
  • Defective breath or chemical test for DWI charges.

These examples are just some of the possible defense strategies that could apply to your case. Given that criminal charges can vary so widely, it will be essential to tailor your defense strategy to the particular facts of your case. For example, defending against drug possession charges will look much different from a strategy through which to defend against federal fraud charges.

How a Canandaigua Criminal Conviction Can Impact Your Life

Rochester criminal defense attorney Bob King sitting at deskCriminal convictions can be devastating. In the immediate aftermath of a conviction, you can face a significant criminal sentence that may include jail or prison time, as well as a substantial monetary fine and probation. After you have served your sentence, the consequences of a criminal conviction can continue, affecting your eligibility for certain types of jobs, housing, and credit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Charges and Defenses in Canandaigua

The following are some FAQs our firm routinely receives about criminal charges and defenses in Canandaigua:

  • Q: Do I have to talk to the police? A: You have a right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment, and you can exercise that right without your silence being used against you.
  • Q: Should I hire an attorney if I am being questioned or detained? A: You have a right to a lawyer in many criminal circumstances, and you should always exercise that right to avoid providing the police with information that could be used to convict you of a criminal offense.
  • Q: How long should I expect my case to take? A: Criminal cases can range widely, but you have a right to a speedy trial if you are facing charges. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide you with a clearer sense of the likely timeline of your case based on the specific facts.

Contact Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Canandaigua and Throughout the Finger Lakes

Anyone who is facing charges in or around Canandaigua needs to have an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney who can help to fight the charges. The criminal case process can be extremely complicated, and various defense strategies may be applicable to your case. It is critical to work with an attorney who will analyze the facts surrounding your arrest and tailor any defense strategy to meet the particular facts of your case.

In some situations, you may be able to avoid a conviction by proving that you were justified in taking certain actions, such as self-defense in an assault case. Or, for example, you may be able to beat the charges by showing that you were wrongly accused, or that a mistake of law occurred. No matter what defense strategy is best suited for your case, our Canandaigua criminal defense attorneys can assist you. Contact King Law online today or contact us by phone at (585) 270-8882 to learn more about the criminal defense services we provide in the Finger Lakes region.

We Can Defend You at Trial

Our investigation and motions build to this moment—the criminal defense trial. Our trial strategy will depend on the facts we have uncovered along the way. In some cases, we might shine a light on the holes in the prosecution’s case. For other defendants, we might present a compelling case to show why they are innocent.

Our trial experience is deep. Collectively, our attorneys have tried 75 cases before a jury. This experience allows us to approach each case with the confidence that we can select an open-minded jury and present evidence to them in a way that is compelling.

Speak with One of Our Brockport Criminal Defense Attorneys Today

If the police have contacted you, there is no time to lose. At King Law, we can immediately represent you in your dealings with the police and protect your right to fair treatment throughout the process. Our lawyers can represent you in bail hearings and strive to keep you out of jail as you await a trial date. Contact us today, (585) 270-8882, to schedule a free consultation where you can ask any questions and find out more about how we help.


Criminal Defense FAQs

scales of justice

No One Read Me My Miranda Rights; Does This Matter?

With every case, there are certain factors that may determine the overall outcome of your case. If you were not read your rights, there are a few things that the firm will look at: Did you make an incriminating statement? Were you interrogated while in police custody? If so, the statement may be kept out of court. In some situations, not being read your rights can act in your favor, but it is important that you speak with an attorney first.

The Police Didn’t Have a Search Warrant; Can They Still Use Evidence They Find?

Maybe not. The law regarding unreasonable searches and seizures is complex. Generally, police need a search warrant before they can search your home or person, but there are many exceptions. And a person can always consent to have their property searched. If you own a home with your spouse, for example, he or she can give permission, perhaps unwittingly. We closely analyze the facts of any search and bring appropriate motions to get evidence suppressed if we believe the police violated your Constitutional rights.

How Long Will The Criminal Process Take?

Each case is unique to the individuals involved, and an attorney can help you determine how long your particular situation may take. Scheduling is left up to the judge, and the court system can be slow. The average life of a case can be anywhere from six to nine months, with some exceptions. Working with a lawyer can help ensure that you have all proper paperwork completed on time and ensure that process is as streamlined as possible.

Why Should I Retain King Law for My Criminal Case?

At King Law, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands with our Rochester, NY criminal defense attorney. Several years ago we started having a “second chair” or second lawyer on our most serious cases. We had some great results working together. The simple fact is there are hundreds of decisions made by a criminal defense lawyer during a criminal case. Nobody gets every decision correct. We found that the second lawyer improved decision-making. There was also the benefit of discussing strategic decisions with another lawyer. About a year ago we decided to put two lawyers on every single case. Our results have been outstanding. Two educated lawyers have meant better results, but also better service for our clients. There is always a second person to take a phone call or discuss strategy.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear Directly From Our Past Clients

“King Law Firm was a true lifesaver. From reception to the courtroom, their exceptional support, care, and remarkable skills resulted in a successful case dismissal for my family member. They truly treated us like family.”

- Jocelyn J.

“I highly recommend this law firm. Mr. King is an exceptional lawyer in Rochester. I witnessed his impressive defense skills firsthand. Not only is he highly competent, but he’s also approachable and honest.”

- Corrie A.

“After my mother’s accident, contacting Robert King Law was the best decision we made for her recovery. From the start, their professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail impressed us. They treated my mother like family and settled the case quickly. We’re grateful to Robert King Law for making her recovery easier.”

- Jamie B.

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“Mr. King changed the trajectory of our lives for the better vs. what could have been a terrible outcome.”

- Past Client

“He got an unbelievably great verdict in an impossible situation!”

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No case is too complex for Attorney King. Some of our results include:

Assault in the First Degree – Dismissed

Aggravated DWI with .37 BAC – Reduced to a fine

Rape in the First Degree – Dismissed

Harassment & Child Endangerment – Dismissed

Possession of Heroin & Cocaine – Dismissed

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