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Multi-car Pileups in New York

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Sorting out a car accident claim in which you were struck by just one other driver can be a frustrating experience if you do not work with a professional personal injury lawyer. You may not be tempted to imagine the difficulties that can arise when numerous drivers crash into you in a multi-car pileup.

If this has happened to you and you do not want to have to sort through the paperwork and red tape normally associated with a large traffic collision, you can turn to King Law for legal support.

Why should Rochester Car Accident Attorney Robert King be your first choice?

24/7 service for emergencies

Nearly a decade of proven experience

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While you are resting, relaxing, and hopefully recuperating from your injuries, the professionals at the law firm will be out doing the legwork and heavy lifting for you, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to investigating who caused the multicar pileup.

For top-tier service delivered with a personalized touch, contact the firm today.

Multi-car Pileups Are Handled Differently

After a collision with a single negligent driver, you probably will remember to collect their identifying and insurance information. You may have even remembered to take pictures of your vehicles. When there are three, four, five, or more cars all including in one devastating pileup, matters get complicated as you must now get all of that information from everyone, even passengers.

If you were unable to collect relevant information from all drivers at the time of the accident, do not worry. Attorney Robert King can use his investigative knowledge to locate the liable parties, using a mix of eyewitness testimonies and statements from insurance carriers. Furthermore, he can apply his knowledge of New York insurance laws to help you navigate the complex insurance claims that often follow multiple-car accidents – even if the liable party was underinsured.

A Tireless Pursuit of Justice & Compensation

Whereas some personal injury lawyers may see a multi-car pileup as an intimidating scene that carries worsened odds, Rochester Car Accident Attorney Robert King sees it as a unique opportunity to bring you the compensation you require. In many injury claims, there will be a cap on how much compensation or coverage can be collected from a single individual. For example, you might be rewarded a maximum of $25,000 from the other driver in a two-car accident. When many drivers are the cause of your injuries and damages, many drivers can be held accountable.

Compensation you should be able to collect includes:

Initial medical bills

Hospital stay and ongoing therapy

Vehicle repair or replacement

Lost wages and reduced earning potential

For example: You suffer physical injuries and incur vehicle damage in a multi-car pileup caused by four other negligent drivers. The consequences ultimately result in $100,000 for medical fees and repairs. If each driver’s policy caps at $25,000, you can fight to collect that amount from each of them to reach your $100,000 requirement.

Attorney King never gives up, and neither should you! Start your legal case today with a free consultation at (585) 270-8882.


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