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Federal offenses include any crime that has been determined to be illegal by the United States federal government. Many of these crimes are outlined in Title 18 and Title 26 of the United States Code, some in Title 26, and all federal crimes hold potential for immense penalties. A variety of different actions can be considered federal crimes. If you are arrested or under investigation, it is important that you immediately contact a Rochester criminal defense lawyer from King Law. By retaining an understanding attorney, you may be able to obtain a favorable outcome for your case.

Commonly Charged Federal Offenses

Unlike other types of crimes that are investigated by local officials, federal crimes are investigated by federal officers. A federal investigation may delve into private aspects of your life and could be extremely invasive. You may find yourself subjected to questioning from governmental agencies such as the IRS, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, or ICE.

There are multiple types of federal crimes, but some of the most commonly charged offenses include:

Tax evasion

Mail tampering

Terrorist crimes

Immigration crimes

Internet crimes


Bank robberies

Some forms of theft

Counterfeiting of currency

Certain drug crimes, including drug conspiracy charges

Child pornography

The moment you discover that you are under investigation or you are placed under arrest, it is vital that you contact King Law right away. With the assistance of an aggressive attorney from the firm, you may be able to obtain the best possible outcome for your case.

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Are you ready to move forward with your defense? Now is the time to act! Federal crimes are very serious, and federal prosecutors do everything in their power to convict accused individuals of charges. At King Law, the firm stays up to date on federal laws and is knowledgeable of the federal criminal process. With the representation of King Law, you may be able to have your charges reduced or you may be acquitted.

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