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It is not a secret that our society is highly sensitive to stories of child molestation and sexual abuse. One whisper of an allegation and accusations are often quick to follow, along with an arrest. If you have been charged with sexual abuse, there are ways you can defend yourself and your rights, but you cannot hesitate. Every day the prosecution is allowed to build its case and you do not, you put yourself at a critical disadvantage.

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Why Child Abuse Cases Are So Controversial

New York State legislators have made deliberate efforts to protect children and minors from sexual abuse and molestation. While this is clearly a noble cause and should be encouraged, matters can get out of hand if regulations and investigations are not properly respected and conducted. For instance, state law requires that certain groups report any suspicion of abuse and the New York State Office of Children and Family Services must then conduct a full investigation into the claim.

Employees who must report suspicious behavior include:

Medical staff

School employees of any kind

Childcare center assistants

Social service workers

Due to the number of reports, misunderstandings, exaggerations, and falsified claims can be prosecuted as seriously as any other. The end result is a higher number of people being dragged through the legal system and labeled as a deviant when they may have done nothing worthy of a conviction or the sentencing they receive.

People who may be more vulnerable to child molestation accusations are:


Public workers (bus drivers)

Daycare managers


Furthermore, sexual abuse does not necessarily need to be physical at all. A claim of explicit conversations or exposure to pornographic material could be deemed as child molestation, despite hard evidence being lacking.

Shield Yourself From Abuse Accusations

Beyond jail time and high fines, the most damaging of consequences related to a sex abuse conviction is mandatory sex offender registration. If your name is placed on just one of these federally controlled lists, you could be feeling the negative effects for the rest of your life.

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