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Eager to take part in the full college experience, some students may decide to join a fraternity or sorority. In some cases, being initiated into one of these Greek-letter clubs might require that the student perform or participate in certain rituals or challenges. Although these hazing activities may be part of a tradition and seem harmless, they could result in serious injury or death of the student. When fraternities, sororities, or even university officials turn a blind eye to the dangerous actions of the groups, they could be held financially liable for damages.

If you or a loved one was subjected to hazing and suffered injury or death, you might be entitled to pursue a claim against the responsible party. For legal help initiating civil action, call King Law. The firm has extensive experience handling these types of cases and knows how to develop effective legal strategies and work toward obtaining just compensation.

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Common Types of Hazing

Hazing is most often associated with Greek life, as the acts of members and pledges in these organizations have recently received much media attention. For example, in April of 2019, many news outlets reported on a student from the University at Buffalo who died after suffering injuries during a hazing incident in which he was required to perform strenuous exercises.

Hazing rituals take various forms, including:

Sexual abuse: Pledges are coerced into performing or participating in sexual acts that are sometimes degrading and embarrassing.
Physical abuse: Members use or threaten to use force to make recruits carry out specific tasks.
Harassment: Students are subjected to non-physical acts such as mental bashing or sleep deprivation.
Alcohol abuse: Pledges are forced to drink excessive amounts of alcohol, which can lead to poisoning.

These forms of maltreatment take place not only in fraternities and sororities but also in sports teams, university clubs, honors societies, and other groups that require initiation of new members. Because there are numerous colleges and universities near Rochester, including, the University of Rochester, Alfred University, State University of New York at Geneseo, Hobart College, St. John Fisher College, Monroe Community College, the Rochester Institute of Technology, and more, the health and safety of many of students could be at risk. The firm is here to protect the rights of those injured in hazing challenges and fight for justice on their behalf.

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