Written By: Robert King, Esq.
Legal Review By: Greg Colavecchia, Esq.
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Rochester High School Students

Were You Arrested for a Crime?

Some claim that high school years are the best years of their lives and the memories and friends you make can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, for some individuals, high school can be stressful, especially if the student was arrested for a crime. High school-age students are most often tried in juvenile courts, but prosecutors could potentially try an individual in an adult court just to make an example out of them or for an especially severe crime.

Criminal arrests may not only affect a student’s eligibility for graduation, scholarships and prom, but it could have negative effects on the rest of their future as well. If you have been arrested, or if your child is facing criminal charges, immediately contact a Rochester criminal defense lawyer from King Law!

Understanding Juvenile Offender Charges

When most high school students get in trouble with the law, they are charged as juvenile offenders. In New York, most individuals under the age of 18 are considered juveniles and therefore face slightly different criminal procedures than adults. In the New York justice department’s overall goal is to help criminally charged youths rehabilitate and become productive members of society.

If it is determined that a youth’s case requires time in a juvenile correction facility, the conviction may stay on the individual’s record for the rest of his or her life. A conviction can cause complications in obtaining housing, education and prospective jobs in the future, and the individual may have to go through the lengthy process of petitioning to expunge records. It is important to act quickly after an arrest and contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Protecting the Future of New York Youths

At King Law, the firm understands that sometimes high school students can just get caught up with the wrong crowd. While each case is unique and the severity of the charges may affect the overall outcome of the case, the firm can do everything in its power to help provide a favorable outcome to clients.

The firm can fight to have charges reduced or dropped. With the assistance of the firm and early intervention in the legal process, New York high school students may be able to protect their futures. If you were arrested or if your child has been charged with a criminal offense, contact a Rochester juvenile crime attorney from King Law today.

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