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The growth in technology has made it easier for individuals to become connected through the internet. With the increased usage of handheld devices, apps, and peer-to-peer networks, there has also been a rise in the government’s prosecution of cybercrimes. An arrest for an internet crime can have you facing serious penalties and irreparable damage to your reputation. The moment you are under investigation or believe you are about to be accused, turn to an experienced Rochester criminal defense lawyer. Whether you are facing local, state and federal investigations, King Law is ready to fight for you at every phase of the criminal justice system.

What Crimes Are Classified As “Internet Crimes”?

Many different crimes can be classified as internet crimes, but almost all of them involve using the internet to deceive, lie or steal from another person. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, an internet crime can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony and it may hold the potential to carry subsequent charges as well.

Some examples of internet crimes may include, but are not limited to:


Sex crimes





Identity theft


Child pornography


Alleged cybercriminals are often subjected to extensive investigations in order to gather enough evidence to indict them. Local police, governmental officials and other agencies may be monitoring your computer use, your internet searches and other activity. Lack of evidence in a charge may prove beneficial in your case, and an attorney from King Law can help determine the best course of action to take after an arrest.

Early Intervention Is Key

It is important that early intervention take place in the criminal process. In some cases, it may even be possible to have charges dropped during the investigation phase. A seasoned criminal defense lawyer can help you identify whether law enforcement protocols are being followed, whether there is enough evidence to proceed with a charge, and if your rights are being violated at any point.

At King Law, the firm is committed to ensuring that clients receive the best possible outcome for their cases. All necessary actions are taken to gather evidence, speak with police and, if necessary, a private investigator funded by the firm will be enlisted to help. We can also work with technology experts to help us understand electronic information and how it pertains to your case.

The sooner you contact King Law, the sooner you can retain defense from a seasoned Rochester internet crime defense lawyer. The attorney at the firm is committed to open communication and is committed to keeping you updated throughout the legal process.

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