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Child Injuries

If your child has been injured by the negligent act of someone else, you cannot allow the stress and worry understandably inherent to the situation prevent you from taking legal action to make things right again.

Contact King Law today to begin a personal injury lawsuit that seeks to provide for your child all the care and comfort they require to recover happily. Remember: as the parent or legal guardian of your child, it is up to you to take the first step and begin filing a claim for their injuries.

Sources of Child Injury Claims

While it might logically seem that most child injuries occur while the child is with one of their parents, as they are the ones who spend the most time with the child, the opposite is often true.

It is when someone who has the duty to protect the child but not the parental instincts to do so that the child is more often placed in unreasonable danger and an increased risk of injury.

Many child injuries originate from:
Nurseries and daycare centers School buses


Hospitals (pediatric care)


Summer camps (extracurricular activities)

Every professional that looks after children to some extent or another has the specific responsibility to keep them from harm. The duration of their duty does not affect the liability of it. A babysitter watching your child for one hour has the same responsibility as the daycare facility that watches your child all day.

Specialized Compensation in Child Injury Cases

In all personal injury cases, it can be expected for the plaintiff to pursue a typical set of damages, such as hospital costs, medical fees, and medication expenses. Any cost that can be tied directly to the results of the accident should not have to come from the injured party’s own bank account or pocketbook.

In a child injury case, there are two somewhat-unique damage types you should consider:

Nominal: Children are still developing their minds and personalities. Suffering a serious injury due to another’s negligence can be traumatizing and leave lasting emotional damage. Using nominal damage in your claim, you can seek compensation for your child to help give them peace of mind.

Potential income: If the extent of the harm to your child is severe and permanently debilitating, they could ultimately be ineligible for hiring, promotions, or raises when they are an adult, depending on their career choice. Your lawsuit should factor in this lost potential income over your child’s lifetime and demand it from the liable party.

Legal Help When You Need It – 24/7

Rochester Personal Injury Lawyer Robert King is always ready to support his clients. He understands that the care of your child is paramount and that you may have pressing issues come up at any time without warning.

When you retain the services of his firm, you may request his personal cellphone number for use at any hour of the day, any day of the week. This is just one of many reasons why King Law is different from any others in New York.

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