Distracted Drivers in Rochester, NY

Accidents Involving Distracted Drivers

The streets of New York are notorious for being congested with traffic at all hours of the day. A popular and humorous mantra is that “no one in New York drives because there is too much traffic.” Considering the hazards the average motorist has to face on a good day, the dangers a distracted driver creates are astounding in scale, especially when they are driving a commercial truck or near pedestrians.

Recent studies – some conducted by the American Automobile Association – have shown that the two greatest distractions to drivers are cellphone usage and communicating with other passengers. To make matters worse, young, inexperienced drivers are the most likely to partake in these two activities. If you have been hit by someone who was distracted, what can you do to set things right again?

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Distractions at Every Turn

The real trouble with distractions to drivers is that they are virtually everywhere. If someone does not make an attempt to actually focus on the task of driving, they will easily engage in one form of distraction or another.

In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are three main forms of distraction:

Cognitive: Anything that takes your mind off driving, such as talking to a passenger.

Visual: Something that takes your eyes away from the road, like a bright display screen on a cellphone.

Manual: Letting your hands move away from the wheel, gearshift, or clutch.

When these three forms of distraction are considered, the true danger of texting while driving is brought fully into the light. A young driver that is texting behind the wheel is no longer looking at the road, has at least one hand off the wheel, and is thinking about what they are saying, not where they are going.

Compensation for Your Injuries

If you can prove that the driver that crashed into you was distracted behind the wheel, you may have a strong chance of securing financial compensation for your personal injuries. The trouble is being able to actually prove your point in court. This is where our Rochester car accident attorney comes into play and steps up to the plate on your behalf. Using our years of experience and keen eye for detail, we can center in on the cause of your accident and use it to your advantage.

We can fight for compensation that helps you pay for:

Vehicle repairs or replacement

Hospital bills

Lost wages

Rehabilitation programs for severe injuries

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