Our Civil Case Results

Searching for an attorney who is knowledgeable enough to get you the best possible results in a criminal defense case is difficult, but at King Law we understand your specific circumstance and will defend your rights in and out of court. In addition, we also provide aggressive and successful personal injury counsel for those who have been injured due to another’s negligence. Check out our past case results and contact us today know you are in the best possible hands.

Car Accident- $250K. King Law recently settled a motor vehicle accident case involving two different insurance policies. This case is a great example of insurance companies refusing to accept responsibility. Our client, a woman in her early 30s, was driving straight down Elmgrove Road when a driver turned left in front of her, clearly causing the accident. She sustained a serious neck injury, leading to a three-level neck fusion. Despite the facts the first insurance company offered only $25,000. After nearly three years of litigation, the first insurance company tendered their entire $100,000 policy. At that time, the drivers underinsured policy (SUM coverage) kicked in and we were able to secure an additional $150,000 the maximum coverage in the case
This case is another great example of an insurance company refusing to accept responsibility. Our client, a woman in her 30s, was rear-ended in a chain reaction collision while stopped at a red light. She underwent several weeks of physical therapy for a neck injury and eventually had a two-level neck fusion surgery. Even though the insurance company had a $100,000 policy, they only offered $8,000 because our client had a pre-existing neck injury that she treated extensively for. After several years of litigation, we mediated the case and were able to settle for $90,000.00.
Our client was leaving a restaurant a few days after a snow fall. There was a SMALL path that had been cleared of snow. Unfortunately, the thaw and freeze cycles had made a puddle of water in a low spot, that turned to ice. She slipped and fell, suffering a broken leg. We were able to get photos the same day and prove the unsafe condition. The case settled for $50,000 in about 10 months, which is a quick turnaround for most injury cases.
Our client was a tenant at a mobile home community when she fell into a hole on the property that was concealed by overgrown grass. The fall caused her to tear her right meniscus, requiring surgery and physical therapy. We secured a settlement of $70,000.
A driver of a vehicle failed to observe our client who was on a motorcycle with the right away. The car ended up striking him, causing him to sustain an injury to his knee and back. Luckily, he was able to recover and be compensated for his injuries.
Our client was practicing his bow hunting skills during the off season with a virtual practice bow when the product, which was defective caused our client to be struck in the face when a portion of the bow snapped off, causing dental damage and a laceration to his mouth. King Law was able to prove a negligent product and recover a settlement. 60K
Our client was a UPS driver with a route in rural Yates County. The farm dog had bitten 4, yes 4, UPS drivers in the past. We filed a lawsuit and quickly settled.