How to get off the New York State Sex Offender Registry


New York Sex Offender Registry Defense

In New York State, the Sex Offender Registry Act (SORA) consists of three different tiers of risk. The level that one is assigned can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life, such as housing, employment, education, and the ability to integrate into the community.

Most sex crime convictions in the state of New York will include mandatory registration with New York’s sex offender registry. This is a database made available to the public through an online resource and telephone hotline that describes the offender in detail including a picture and provides their physical address.

Information given on New York’s sexual offender registry includes:

Current photograph

Work and residence addresses

Crime of conviction

Age of victim

Description of any vehicles offender owns

Parole or probation information

Nearly any sex crime conviction will require registration, such as:
Child molestation Child pornography possession

Forcible touching


Sexual abuse

Sexual assault

Sexual misconduct



Sex Offender Registry Levels

Level 1 – Low Risk:

  • 20 Year Registration
  • Information NOT available to the general public on the SORA website
  • Limited community notification

Level 2 – Moderate Risk:

  • Lifetime Registration
  • Information available online including photograph, exact address, vehicle and license plate number, employer address, and details of crime

Level 3 – High Risk:

  • Lifetime Registration
  • Information available online including photograph, exact address, vehicle and license plate number, employer address, and details of crime.
  • Must register current address in person every 90 days


Initial Hearing

The initial SORA Level hearing is often looked at as an afterthought of a criminal conviction. However, because of the lifelong consequences associated with being listed in the registry, the SORA Level hearing may be the most important part of the process. A SORA level hearing typically takes place immediately after conviction for those not sentenced to state prison, and shortly before release from custody for those who are sentenced to state prison. For federal convictions, the hearing is typically held shortly after release.


Level Reductions and Removal

Is it possible to be removed from the NYS sex offender registry?

The short answer is yes, in some cases it is possible. New York State law allows for a person to petition the court for a reduction or modification of their sex offender level. Lowering your SORA risk level can be life changing. We work with people every day who’ve made mistakes in the past and have spent years, or decades trying to atone for them. Despite their attempts to be a contributing law-abiding citizen, the sex offender registry condemns them (and their loved ones) to a lifetime of punishment and misery. But there is hope.

Those who are successful in obtaining a modification to level 1 are initially removed from the public NYS sex offender registry website, a significant victory by itself. More importantly, some individuals can be completely removed 20 years from their original date of registration.

Am I a good candidate?

Not everyone is a good candidate. Some positive contributing factors include:

  • Clean record for an extended time
  • History of stable employment
  • Success in treatment
  • Maintaining intimate relationships
  • Family and social support
  • Current age
  • Risk assessment from a qualified clinician

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If you have worked hard for many years to make up for past mistakes, you should have a chance at a normal life. We encourage you to read our FREE Guide: How to Get off the NYS Sex Offender Registry. If after reading the guide you feel you may be a good candidate for a level reduction or removal from the registry, please feel free to reach out to discuss your options by sending us an email.