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Bus Accidents in New York

Rochester Bus Accident Lawyer

Much like a truck accident, filing a bus accident claim can become more complicated than what first meets the eye. Liability is generally difficult to pinpoint in a bus accident due to the multiple parties that could have a hand in anything that goes wrong. If you have been injured in a bus accident, allow King Law and our Rochester personal injury attorney to come to your aid.

With nearly a decade of legal experience and a history decorated with positive case results, you can be confident in our ability to craft your personal injury claim with professionalism steered towards you recovering the maximum compensation available.

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Why Bus Accidents are So Unique

Consider the purpose of a bus – transporting dozens of people at a time in one large vehicle. Now consider how that creates a complication relatively unique to bus accidents – were you injured as a passenger on the bus, or as a passerby driving your own vehicle? Insurance adjusters can try to take advantage of this convoluted scenario to offer small, inadequate settlement amounts, or to shift liability off the accountable party they are representing.

Liability is also a significant issue in bus accident claims since the bus driver alone might not be responsible for what happened. If you want to make certain that you are fighting for the right amount of compensation from the right parties, you should allow our law firm to handle your claim while you focus on recuperation.

We may be able to find one or more of the following parties liable for your bus accident:

Bus driver: The most obvious answer to who caused your bus accident, the driver may have allowed themselves to get distracted after spending hours behind the wheel.

Bus company: If it can be found that the company that owns the bus and trains their drivers has not enforced safe behaviors, or even encouraged unsafe behaviors such as speeding, they could be accountable in some part for any accidents that occur.

Maintenance crews: Mechanics need to ensure a bus is ready for use before it is allowed on the roads. Unreasonably poor safety inspections or repair jobs could have caused your bus accident.

Other passengers: When a passenger on the bus deliberately disturbs the bus driver to the point of making it impossible for them to control the vehicle safely, that passenger might be liable in the event of a bus accident.

Recovery is Easier When We Work Together

Our firm believes that teamwork makes anything possible. In terms of bus accident lawsuits, it is important for you to realize that there are people out there, like our Rochester bus accident lawyer, who genuinely want to help you recover.

It would be our honor to be able to represent you and pursue justice and a fair monetary compensation on your behalf. All you have to do is request a complimentary initial consultation today to get started.