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Our Past Experience Helps Protect Your Future

Before we tell you all about what we can do for you, it might help for you to know what we have already done for hundreds of clients in similar situations. While working as a prosecutor for the Special Victims Unit (SVU), Attorney Robert King saw how important and powerful a defense attorney needed to be to protect people from injustices. Ever since he switched to the other side of the courtroom, he has been adamantly defending the rights of the accused. If the past is any indication of the future, our firm should consistently find success for our clients with Attorney King’s leadership.

Since our firm was established, we have managed more than 100 misdemeanor cases with an 85% success rate of total dismissal and another 4% success rate of reductions. We have also taken on more than 75 felony cases with 42% dismissed and another 41% with reduced sentencing.

    • Aggravated DWI - DWI Reduced

      In people v. R.B. the police charged a young man with leaving a prominent area country club while intoxicated. They said that he nearly caused several accidents and had been reported by 911 to the police in three different towns in Monroe County. The police located the defendant as he pulled into his parent's home. R.B was arrested for aggravated DWI, with an alleged blood alcohol content of .37, four and a half times the legal limit. He was facing up to a year in jail. Mr. King was brought a 22-page motion challenging the officer's approach of the defendant on private property and the validity of the tickets issued by the police. The prosecutor feared potential dismissal, and offered a fine, which R.B. gladly accepted.

    • Aggravated DWI - DWI Reduced

      In people v. F.L. a local engineer was charged with aggravated DWI after allegedly striking a curb and disabling his vehicle. He was arrested a short distance away and returned to the scene for identification by a civilian witness. Mr. King challenged the ability of the police to make an arrest based on an anonymous tip as well as the reliability of the identification of the defendant by the civilian witness. He presented a 30 page motion including relevant case law. Prior to the beginning of the hearing on the issues Mr. King had presented, the judge convinced the prosecutor to offer a plea to a traffic ticket, which the client was happy to accept.

    • Assault in the Second Degree - Violent Crimes Reduced

      In people v. K.R. the defendant was an honorably discharged soldier charged with beating her son with a drum stick. The defendant faced up to seven years in jail. Mr. King challenged whether the defendant had in fact injured the child. He also showed proof of involvement by child protective services and an action plan for the mother. The records were sealed, on a plea to the violation of Harassment in the second degree and the defendant paid only a $125 surcharge to New York State.

    • Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance in the Third Degree - Drug Crimes Dismissed

      In People v. M.A., defendant was charged for a B drug Felony after being arrested in a car with more than ten bags of cocaine, heroin and ecstacy. His case was indicted by a Monroe County grand jury, along with a co-defendant. The charges against M.A. were dismissed by the County Court Judge following Mr. King's motion and argument. The co-defendant is represented by another prominent attorney and the case against him continues to be litigated with significant prison time a possibility.

    • Grand Larceny in the 2nd Degree - Theft No Charged Filed

      In People v. C.C., Mr. King was contacted after a young woman was approached by an investigator from the Monroe County Sheriff's office on several occasions. The investigator had threatened her future and freedom if she did not confess to stealing over seventy thousand dollars in property from a former employee. Mr. King conducted his own investigation and prevented further communication with his client.

    • Grand Larceny in the 3rd Degree, class D Felony - Theft Reduced

      Court - Rochester City Court In People v. D.K., the defendant called Mr. King after being represented by another lawyer for several months. The defendant had admitted to taking money from another person's bank account using their card and password. There was a large amount of money in question. Mr. King conducted a complete investigation and proved that the defendant had legal authority to the money, despite using the card illegally.

    • Rape in the First Degree, Criminal Sexual Act in the First Degree, Burglary - Sex Crimes Dismissed

      Mr. King was contacted by a young man and his family following a police interrogation of a nineteen year old rape suspect. The allegations included oral and vaginal sex by physical forcible compulsion. The suspect had admitted to taking a young woman to a seculeded location and having sexual contact with her. Defense – Mr. King immediately began his own investigation which showed that the complaining witness had made false sexual abuse allegations against two other young men in the past. Documents showing that the complaining witness threatened men with false allegations of sexual abuse were also recovered. Finally, the investigation showed that the complaining witness was bi-polar and had attempted was under the influence of drugs when she disclosed the sexual abuse. Mr. King notified the prosecutor of the evidence and notified the district attorney that his client would exercise his right to testify before the grand jury.

    • Robbery in the Second Degree - Theft Community Service

      In people v. K.J., a seventeen-year-old young man was charged with Robbery. Police alleged that he and an accomplish had beaten another student on a bike in order to steal his cell phone. He faced up to 15 years in prison. Mr. King's investigation showed that K.J's co-defendant largely at fault. The evidence was brought to the prosecutor, he performed 40 hours of community service and the charges against K.J. were sealed. K.J.'s co-defendant was convicted of a felony.

    • Title IX / Sexual Assault Investigation - Title IX Cleared

      In State University of New York v. XX, our client, a Rochester native, was informed of a sexual abuse allegation from a night earlier in the school year at his college in New York City. Our client insisted the sex was consensual. Our investigation showed prior sexting between the couple, a night out together and other students that suggested there was no foul play. We secured text messages supporting our version. We submitted a lengthy list of questions to the accuser, consistent with the college's investigation policy. Outcome: Our client was cleared of any wrongdoing and continues his studies today

    • Title IX / Sexual Assault investigation, Criminal Charge: Rape in the Third Degree - Title IX Dismissed

      In State University of New York v. XX, our client came to us after being suspended from college and arrested by the New York State Police for the supposed rape of a female acquaintance. He had already taken part in a hearing at the college and had been suspended for a year. In addition he faced up to seven years in New York State Prison. The allegation was that he had sexual intercourse with an acquaintance in her apartment without her consent. We immediately launched our own investigation. We showed that the complaining witness had serious inconsistencies in her statements. We learned that she had admitted that the sex was consensual to some members of the college. We brought our new evidence to the college and the district attorney assigned to the case. Outcome: Our client is back in school and the criminal charges have been dismissed.

    • Harassment in the Second Degree, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Dismissed

      People v. R.L. - The defendant was charged in North Dansville Town Court for a physical altercation with his girlfriend if front of a young child, as well as taking her car immediately following the incident. The defendant faced up to two years in jail. After taking the case, Mr. King conducted his own investigation along with the help of an experienced private investigator. Eventually a recorded conversation and written statement by the complaining female showed that she had in fact struck the defendant and he had fled the scene to prevent further problems. The evidence was presented to the prosecutor and the charges were dismissed.