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Rochester Premises Liability Lawyer

representing Injury Victims in Rochester, New York

At King Law, our experienced team of attorneys in Rochester is wholly familiar with premises liability claims and cases. As one of the most common forms of injury claims, it is unlikely that the details of your case will come as a surprise to our team. We are well-prepared to take up the mantle of pursuing fair financial compensation on your behalf.

Some types of premises liability cases we are able to handle include:
Slip and fall accidents Dog bites and attacks

Swimming pool accidents

Assault incidents due to poor security

You are already suffering enough from your accident without having to deal with the headache of going through litigation. When you retain our highly experienced and reputable staff, you will see why we are well-known for being compassionate to our clients’ needs and aggressive against the opposition in court.

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Negligent Parties and the Dangers They Create

A property owner or manager has a legal duty to ensure that people who are visiting and welcome on their property are not put in any unreasonable danger. This means that hazards must be properly addressed as soon as they become readily noticeable, such as pooled water from a broken pipe. Issues that spring up suddenly and unexpectedly, like a spill in a kitchen that happened only seconds ago, may not be enough to build a premises liability case.

Common hazards that are neglected and lead to injury include:

Lifted carpeting

Slick tile flooring

Broken or missing rails near stairs

Poor lighting in dark areas

Lack of security in dangerous neighborhoods

Improperly stored overhead product

It should also be noted that even if you were not an explicitly welcomed guest or visitor to the dangerous property, you may still be able to file a premises liability lawsuit if you are harmed. For example, the quickest route from your workplace to your home might be to walk through part of an unfenced field in an adjacent lot. If there are no warning signs of dangers and yet you inadvertently step into an animal trap, you may have a case worth bringing to court.

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Are you unsure of where to turn for help after being hurt on someone else’s property? Odds are high that the landowner is trying to avoid taking responsibility for what happened. Rather than trying to negotiate directly with someone who wants to only save themselves money, take matters into your own hands and bring litigation against them in the form of a premises liability claim fronted by our Rochester premises liability injury attorney, Mr. Robert King.

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