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The moments after being arrested are disorientating. So many questions are probably running through your head. Will you go to jail? Will your boss find out? Will your friends and family? What will happen to your reputation?

Please contact King Law right away. Our Greece, NY criminal defense attorneys have the answers you are looking for. We also know how to defend against criminal charges. This is not the time to hire a new lawyer fresh out of law school or to rely on the public defender to protect your liberty.
Our firm has a distinguished history of representing defendants accused of a variety of crimes. The legal community has recognized our contributions, naming our founder Robert King a Super Lawyers Rising Star for the past five years.

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Are You a Criminal Suspect?

Our representation usually begins with a phone call. A defendant or a concerned family member calls us and tells us they need help. This is when we swing into action.

We can help clients before they are even arrested. Maybe they suspect the police are looking at them as a potential culprit. Or maybe a close friend has been arrested and now the police are asking pointed questions. We can offer frank legal advice about what to do. If police drag you in for an interrogation, we will be by your side advising you when to talk and when to remain silent.

The criminal process is confusing, and prosecutors will claim this is an “open and shut” case. Don’t believe them. We perform an independent review of all evidence to fully understand our client’s chances. There is no reason to immediately confess guilt. Speak with one of our criminal defense lawyers at King Law to fully understand your options.

When Should You Call?

We recommend reaching out to a lawyer as soon as you hear a criminal case has opened. If you know one of the suspects or are related, it can’t hurt to call. Prosecutors cast a wide net, and they can charge someone with aiding and abetting a crime. Something as innocent as lying about where your child was or hiding some stolen goods could land you in jail for years.

You certainly need a lawyer if you are arrested. Both misdemeanors and felonies are serious crimes. The penalties are so severe that there is no reason to try and represent yourself or negotiate your own plea deal. Our seasoned law offices can analyze whether the prosecutor has a strong case. The more time we have, the better.

Never talk to the police without a lawyer present. Even if a copy stops by “just to talk,” anything you say might be used later. It’s better to remain silent.

If you’re facing any criminal charges, do not hesitate to contact a criminal lawyer at King Law for legal services by calling (585) 326-8551.

The King Law Difference

The foundation of our success as Greece, NY attorneys is our commitment to uncovering the truth and our ability to use the law to our client’s advantage.

We Can Investigate the Crime

Police investigations are often shoddy. Once the police identify a suspect, their investigation usually changes—from finding the truth to finding evidence to convict the suspect. For this reason, the police often neglect evidence that might exonerate one of our clients.

If you hire us, we can roll up our sleeves and immediately investigate the crime. We might visit the crime scene and talk to witnesses. We can also search for helpful evidence, like cell phone records, which link someone else to the offense. It is not unusual for us to uncover evidence that completely discredits the state’s version of events.

We Can Challenge the State’s Evidence

Before trial, we can ask the judge to keep out certain pieces of evidence. Often, we argue the police obtained the evidence in violation of our client’s rights. For example, they might have searched a suspect’s house without permission or a search warrant. Any contraband found should be tossed out of court.

These motions are a good way to put pressure on prosecutors. If successful, we can also increase the odds of an acquittal at trial, since some incriminating evidence is kept out.

We Push for Favorable Plea Deals

Rochester criminal defense attorney Bob King sitting at deskPlea negotiations should begin almost as soon as the prosecutor files charges. In fact, our Greece NY criminal defense attorneys always keep open lines of communication with prosecutors. This continuing dialogue helps us get a feel for what the prosecutor is thinking. We can also point out the weaknesses in their case.

Sometimes, prosecutors have no choice but to offer a plea deal because they soon realize their evidence is weaker than they thought. In other cases, we can selectively share evidence that shows our client is innocent. Even if the prosecutor disbelieves us, they know we intend to put up a fight in the courtroom.

A plea bargain is not always ideal, but we discuss the possibility with our clients. In many situations a favorable plea deal allows our clients to avoid jail and get on with their lives.

We Defend You at Trial

A criminal trial is a make-or-break moment. All plea negotiations have failed, so the only way to vindicate our client is to head into court and argue their case.

At King Law, we pride ourselves on our criminal trial work. Our team has tried more than 75 cases before a jury. We know what evidence jurors find persuasive and how to present it in a forceful way.
Our trial defense begins with selecting a fair jury. This is harder than many people imagine. Some folks automatically assume all defendants are guilty and they might even lie to get seated in the jury box. Our experience helps us see these types of jurors a mile away.

We also object to unduly prejudicial evidence. For example, the prosecutor cannot use evidence that you hang out with convicted criminals to show you are guilty by association. They also cannot use evidence of prior convictions. We raise timely objections and preserve any issue for appeal.

Plea Deal Negotiation

Sometimes a plea deal is the best outcome for a client. With a plea, a defendant admits guilt in exchange for a lesser charge, which means their penalties are less severe. For example, we might get a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor.
Negotiating a plea deal is difficult. There is quite a bit of overlap with making arguments in court. We can plant seeds of doubt in the prosecutor’s mind about the strength of their case, or argue our clients are committed to reform if given a chance to avoid jail.


We can meet for a confidential consultation, either in person or over the phone. If you need legal help, give King Law a call, (585) 326-8551, or send us a message. We put our hearts into everything that we do, and will provide the highest standard of representation in your case.


Criminal Defense FAQs

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No One Read Me My Miranda Rights; Does This Matter?

With every case, there are certain factors that may determine the overall outcome of your case. If you were not read your rights, there are a few things that the firm will look at: Did you make an incriminating statement? Were you interrogated while in police custody? If so, the statement may be kept out of court. In some situations, not being read your rights can act in your favor, but it is important that you speak with an attorney first.

The Police Didn’t Have a Search Warrant; Can They Still Use Evidence They Find?

Maybe not. The law regarding unreasonable searches and seizures is complex. Generally, police need a search warrant before they can search your home or person, but there are many exceptions. And a person can always consent to have their property searched. If you own a home with your spouse, for example, he or she can give permission, perhaps unwittingly. We closely analyze the facts of any search and bring appropriate motions to get evidence suppressed if we believe the police violated your Constitutional rights.

How Long Will The Criminal Process Take?

Each case is unique to the individuals involved, and an attorney can help you determine how long your particular situation may take. Scheduling is left up to the judge, and the court system can be slow. The average life of a case can be anywhere from six to nine months, with some exceptions. Working with a lawyer can help ensure that you have all proper paperwork completed on time and ensure that process is as streamlined as possible.

Why Should I Retain King Law for My Criminal Case?

At King Law, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands with our Greece, NY, criminal defense attorney. Several years ago we started having a “second chair” or second lawyer on our most serious cases. We had some great results working together. The simple fact is there are hundreds of decisions made by a criminal defense lawyer during a criminal case. Nobody gets every decision correct. We found that the second lawyer improved decision-making. There was also the benefit of discussing strategic decisions with another lawyer. About a year ago we decided to put two lawyers on every single case. Our results have been outstanding. Two educated lawyers have meant better results, but also better service for our clients. There is always a second person to take a phone call or discuss strategy.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear Directly From Our Past Clients

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“King Law Firm was a true lifesaver. From reception to the courtroom, their exceptional support, care, and remarkable skills resulted in a successful case dismissal for my family member. They truly treated us like family.”

- Jocelyn J.

“I highly recommend this law firm. Mr. King is an exceptional lawyer in Rochester. I witnessed his impressive defense skills firsthand. Not only is he highly competent, but he’s also approachable and honest.”

- Corrie A.

“After my mother’s accident, contacting Robert King Law was the best decision we made for her recovery. From the start, their professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail impressed us. They treated my mother like family and settled the case quickly. We’re grateful to Robert King Law for making her recovery easier.”

- Jamie B.

“If you want the best then Robert King is your man.”

- Sheila K.

“Mr. King changed the trajectory of our lives for the better vs. what could have been a terrible outcome.”

- Past Client

“He got an unbelievably great verdict in an impossible situation!”

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No case is too complex for Attorney King. Some of our results include:

Assault in the First Degree – Dismissed

Aggravated DWI with .37 BAC – Reduced to a fine

Rape in the First Degree – Dismissed

Harassment & Child Endangerment – Dismissed

Possession of Heroin & Cocaine – Dismissed

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