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At King Law, our clients have come to know us for our unrivaled legal knowledge and our unparalleled compassion. Both are critical when it comes to handling birth injury cases successfully. If your newborn, infant, or toddler has been harmed by the wrongdoing or negligence of a doctor, nurse, or other medical practitioner, we earnestly want to help you receive full compensation that makes your life easier and brings your child comfort and health. We can help you pursue a medical malpractice claim so you can recover fair compensation.

Compensation that may be attained in a birth injury case includes:

Hospitalization fees prior to, during, and after labor.

Previous medical bills if negligence occurred in past.

Future costs related to medically treating injured child.

Emotional pain and suffering for parents.

Thoroughness in investigating claims and willingness to go the extra mile for clients is a must in birth injury and child injury cases. For the people who need our help now more than ever, we are happy to provide both.

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Forms of Birth Injuries & Causes

A birth injury is any sort of harm brought upon an infant due to a medical professional’s mistake. In some incidents, a birth injury can actually occur before the child is born. Regardless of when the harm actually occurs, it often results in serious consequences and lifelong disabilities. Physical manifestations of birth injuries can be paralysis, weak muscles, and a lack of coordination; mental debilitations, such as severe learning disabilities, can also be caused by a birth injury.

Some commonly occurring causes of birth injury cases are:

Failure to diagnose: Some birth injuries do not occur in a single moment but rather due to an obstetrician’s failure to recognize a problem early on in the pregnancy. In such cases, the child may have already been harmed extensively, usually due to oxygen deprivation or malformations, by the time they are born.

Twisting or pulling: Doctors assisting a woman in labor can rush the procedure by excessively pulling and twisting the newborn. Too much force or stress on a joint can cause immediate and permanent damage, such as shoulder dystocia, in which the infant’s shoulder muscles and nerves are stretched to the point of paralysis.

Incorrect equipment use: Medical equipment used to assist in child birth must be handled carefully. Selecting the wrong equipment or using it recklessly can cause serious harm to the mother and child, rather than making birth easier.

Ineptness: Unqualified and inexperienced doctors should not be assigned to a birth alone. The appropriate procedure would be to have them assist another doctor that has the experience necessary to safely deliver a child.

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Learning that your child has been injured by a negligent doctor can be the most stressful time of your life. Ease the burden you are probably feeling on your shoulders by letting our dedicated team, who has years of legal experience and hundreds of trial cases under our belt, take control. Our Rochester birth injury attorney has both the capability and the drive to put your priorities in center focus and pushing for a successful settlement or verdict.

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