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Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

Rochester Car Accident Attorney Robert King can come to your assistance after you have been hurt by an uninsured or underinsured motorist. Whereas a typical traffic collision might be troubling for other law firms unfamiliar with New York auto insurance laws and the litigation surrounding car accidents, we can take on any sort of complication.

Do not sit and worry about how you can get compensated by someone who had no proper insurance when you could be resting and relaxing with Attorney King at the helm of your case.

Call our firm at (585) 270-8882 to schedule a free case evaluation.

Professional Help Seeking Compensation

The main concern everyone has after being hit by a driver with no or not enough insurance is where they can get compensation. Even though uninsured and underinsured motorists (UM/UIM) are generally breaking the law for driving without proper liability insurance and may face criminal or administrative punishments, this does nothing for anyone they injure while illegal driving.

If you want to recover from your car accident without reaching into your own savings accounts, there are two options you can explore:

Personal injury lawsuit: A UM/UIM might be driving without insurance because they cannot easily afford it. This is not a valid excuse as to why they should not have to pay for the damage they cause. You may be able to use civil litigation to get the recoveries you need from them to repair your vehicle and get all the hospital and medical care you require, even if this means staggering payments and not in a lump sum upfront.

Insurance claim: Most car insurance companies offer UM/UIM coverage in case you are hit by someone with no insurance. Many insurance providers have also gained notoriety for attempting to pay out as little as possible to their customers in such a collision. With an attorney’s help, you can keep your insurance adjuster honest and negotiate with or challenge them for total coverage.

Law Enforcement & Uninsured Driver Accidents

There are plenty of stories of someone being hit by an uninsured driver who then offers up cash in exchange for the victim’s silence and cooperation. You should never accept such a bargain. They have no way of knowing just how extensive your injuries could be and how expensive your repairs might be. Any offer of cash is not going to be adequate in the long run.

You should also call the police if you are hit by someone illegally driving. Do not think that you are being coldhearted or uncompassionate, for in reality, you are being the exact opposite. By reporting dangerous drivers, you protect others from being caught in the same situation. Furthermore, police reports can be used as strong evidence in your case or claim later. Taking legal action can help reduce the risk of drunk or distracted drivers on the road.

Contact Attorney King to Set Things Right

The world might seem upside down after you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist, but our Rochester Personal Injury Attorney Robert King is here to make sense of the situation for you. We even accept cases 24/7 so you have someone to turn to in an emergency.

Begin your case today by contacting us at (585) 270-8882 and requesting a complimentary initial consultation.


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