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Have the police come knocking to talk about a crime, or have they taken you in for questioning? Now is the time to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer serving Albion, NY. The lawyers at King Law have the experience you need at this moment. We can advise you of your rights and protect your liberty by holding the government to its burden of proof.

Our firm has achieved impressive results over the years thanks to our tireless advocacy on behalf of our clients. Robert King, our firm’s founder, has earned the coveted Super Lawyers Rising Star honor for five straight years, and he will gladly meet to discuss your case.

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Why You Need an Albion, NY Criminal Defense Attorney

There are many criminal defense lawyers in Western New York, but not all can provide the level of service required if you are facing criminal charges. The divorce lawyer you used when separating from your spouse might be a terrific attorney. But he probably doesn’t know the unique facets of criminal defense law the way we do.

Any crime carries serious consequences. Both misdemeanor and felony offenses could result in stiff fines, time in jail, and other penalties. If you already have a criminal history, then hiring a lawyer is that much more important. Judges don’t look kindly at repeat offenders, and you might get the book thrown at you.

The legal process is stacked against defendants. We can help change that. Our Albion, NY criminal defense attorneys swing into action immediately to protect your rights. For example, we can go with you to the police station to ensure that officers don’t badger you into confessing to a crime you didn’t commit. We can also seek bail so that you can continue to work as you await trial. If you are in any way involved in a suspected crime, please call our law firm. The state can prosecute someone for aiding or abetting a crime. Something as simple as hiding stolen goods or sheltering a suspect from the police could result in you facing criminal charges and years behind bars.

Criminal Penalties in New York

The penalties you face will depend on the crime you are charged with. It is not unusual for suspects to face the prospects of criminal fines, community service, and time in jail. The amount of time you could serve depends on the severity of the crime.

Some people wrongly believe that accepting a plea deal is the way to go, especially if they can avoid jail. Although a plea might be the best in certain circumstances, any guilty plea carries repercussions. For example, convicted felons lose important civil rights, such as the right to vote and own a gun or other firearm. You might eventually get these rights back, but it is a struggle.

Even one conviction for a small crime will show up in your criminal record. This could matter years down the road when you apply for a job or try to rent an apartment.

Legal Representation from Start to Finish

King Law can represent you in all phases of criminal prosecution. Our attorneys will immediately roll up our sleeves and protect your constitutional rights while holding the state to its burden of proof.

Investigation & Interrogation

Rochester criminal defense attorney Bob King sitting at deskFacts matter. No Albion, NY criminal defense lawyers can fully defend a client until he understands what happened. For this reason, King Law performs its own investigation, including witness interviews and subpoenas for cell phone records or surveillance video. We never rely solely on the state’s version of events. Indeed, we have often uncovered critical evidence which turns the official narrative on its head. We also represent clients when they speak to the police. It is very easy to say something incriminating, which is later introduced at trial to convict you. Our attorneys can advise you on when to answer a question or when to remain silent.

Constitutional Defense

The U.S. Constitution limits the state’s ability to search your home or person or arrest you without probable cause. Our attorneys are adept at raising these issues before the judge, usually in a motion. For example, police might have stopped you for no reason other than racial profiling. A pat-down then leads to the discovery of some drugs and an arrest. Based on these facts, we can ask a judge to suppress the evidence as to the fruits of an illegal search.

Many lawyers neglect to raise these kinds of issues. But these types of technical defenses can prove critical in a case. If we can knock out some evidence, the prosecutor might be left with only bits and pieces of a case. At that point, we can ask for a dismissal or more aggressively negotiate a plea deal.

Plea Negotiation

Many prosecutors overestimate the strength of their evidence. If they looked at it with fresh eyes, they might see that their key witness lacks credibility or that there are multiple innocent explanations for certain physical evidence.
In a plea negotiation, we can highlight all these facts. An effective negotiator subtly makes the case that the state’s evidence isn’t strong enough to secure a conviction. We can then pursue reduced charges or even ask that the case be tossed altogether.
No criminal suspect should immediately accept a plea deal. Instead, review it with an Albion, NY criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Trial Defense

Prosecutors have the burden of proving all elements of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If they can’t, then a jury must come back with an acquittal. A judge might even dismiss charges before a jury has to withdraw for deliberations.
The courtroom is where we show our strength. The lawyers at King Law excel at all stages, including jury selection, witness questioning, and cross-examination. We can shine a light on the gaps in the prosecution’s evidence while presenting a simple, easily understandable explanation for why you are innocent. The lawyers at our firm have successfully argued more than 75 cases before a jury.

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Criminal Defense FAQs

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No One Read Me My Miranda Rights; Does This Matter?

With every case, there are certain factors that may determine the overall outcome of your case. If you were not read your rights, there are a few things that the firm will look at: Did you make an incriminating statement? Were you interrogated while in police custody? If so, the statement may be kept out of court. In some situations, not being read your rights can act in your favor, but it is important that you speak with an attorney first.

The Police Didn’t Have a Search Warrant; Can They Still Use Evidence They Find?

Maybe not. The law regarding unreasonable searches and seizures is complex. Generally, police need a search warrant before they can search your home or person, but there are many exceptions. And a person can always consent to have their property searched. If you own a home with your spouse, for example, he or she can give permission, perhaps unwittingly. We closely analyze the facts of any search and bring appropriate motions to get evidence suppressed if we believe the police violated your Constitutional rights.

How Long Will The Criminal Process Take?

Each case is unique to the individuals involved, and an attorney can help you determine how long your particular situation may take. Scheduling is left up to the judge, and the court system can be slow. The average life of a case can be anywhere from six to nine months, with some exceptions. Working with a lawyer can help ensure that you have all proper paperwork completed on time and ensure that process is as streamlined as possible.

Why Should I Retain King Law for My Criminal Case?

At King Law, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands with our Rochester, NY criminal defense attorney. Several years ago we started having a “second chair” or second lawyer on our most serious cases. We had some great results working together. The simple fact is there are hundreds of decisions made by a criminal defense lawyer during a criminal case. Nobody gets every decision correct. We found that the second lawyer improved decision-making. There was also the benefit of discussing strategic decisions with another lawyer. About a year ago we decided to put two lawyers on every single case. Our results have been outstanding. Two educated lawyers have meant better results, but also better service for our clients. There is always a second person to take a phone call or discuss strategy.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

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No case is too complex for Attorney King. Some of our results include:

Assault in the First Degree – Dismissed

Aggravated DWI with .37 BAC – Reduced to a fine

Rape in the First Degree – Dismissed

Harassment & Child Endangerment – Dismissed

Possession of Heroin & Cocaine – Dismissed

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