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New York State police departments are cracking down on prostitution crimes by seeking out potential arrests with more vigilance as well as setting up more sting operations. If you have been arrested for prostitution, you do not have to allow the overzealous nature of the law enforcement agencies to push you around.

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Penalties for Prostitution in New York

New York State legislation defines prostitution as trading a sexual act for any sort of benefit. This is a deliberately vague term to ensnare more people under its definition. The sexual act in question does not even have to take place, it just needs to be explicitly mentioned in the deal. Additionally, the “benefit” does not need to be monetary and can include a favor or service performed.

For a low-level prostitution charge, still a class B misdemeanor, you could be penalized with:

$500 fine

Three-month jail sentence


Sex offender registration

What Are Prostitution Patronization Crimes?

It is a common misconception that prostitution charges apply to both the seller of the sexual act and the buyer of the sexual act. In reality, New York State calls the crime of agreeing to purchase a sexual act patronization.

This also applies to encouraging others to purchase sexual acts from a prostitute, which would be called “pimping” in less-legal terminology. The penalties for patronization are similar to prostitution and will vary depending on the age of everyone involved as well as where the alleged acts took place. If either the patron or the prostitute was a minor, or if the solicitation occurred within a school zone, the charges could escalate to a felony with even steeper penalties.

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One of the key components to many prostitution defenses is the element of misunderstanding. As the police often set up stings with an undercover officer, or make an arrest before the actual trade of a sexual act for profit can be made, the evidence is generally nothing more words that are open for interpretation.

Allow King Law and the firm’s Rochester criminal defense lawyer to act on your behalf in and out of court. With professional legal advocacy, it may be possible to dismantle the prosecution’s claims and challenge them to come up with hard evidence of the alleged crime.

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