Catastrophic Injury Cases

Rochester Catastrophic Injury Attorney

When an injury is so severe that it causes immediately disability or is expected to permanently affect the victim, it is known as a catastrophic injury. In addition to being considerably more painful than the average injury, one that causes catastrophic harm will also cost much more in medical treatments. There is also the real possibility that a full recovery is impossible, and so hospitalization or rehabilitation are necessary for the rest of the victim’s life.

At King Law, each client’s case is seen as the unique situation it truly is. You can expect Rochester Personal Injury Attorney Robert King to listen to your claims, personally review the details of your catastrophic injury case, and construct a legal strategy that pursues the full compensation you need and deserve.

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Various Forms of Catastrophic Injuries

Car accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, slip and fall incidents, and much more can be the source of a catastrophic injury. Everyday situations become potentially deadly when people act negligently and willfully ignore basic safe practices. Even an accident that might seem minor at first can cause an unexpected catastrophic injury if it wounds soft, sensitive tissues.

Catastrophic injury types include:

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI): A blow to the head, a high fever, or dangerous drugs can cause significant and permanent damage to the brain. People with a TBI often need near-constant supervision from a caretaker.

Spinal cord injuries: If a person’s spine is injured, paralysis may follow immediately. Paralysis can be temporary, permanent, partial, or complete, and it may affect one or all four limbs.

Amputation: Construction workers and people using industrial equipment or machines may lose an entire limb in a catastrophic accident. It is unlikely that amputation can be reversed, even with emergency surgery.

Disfigurement: Violent accidents of all sorts can cause significant scarring and disfigurement. While facial disfigurement may seem only cosmetic, it can be extremely painful and cause extensive emotional trauma.

Sensory loss: Blindness, deafness, numbness, or any other form of sensory loss is considered catastrophic, as it involves removing a base human experience from someone’s life.

While You Rest, Robert King Fights On Your Behalf

You deserve to take a rest and do your best to recuperate after suffering a catastrophic injury. Your Rochester personal injury lawyer from King Law will take up the good fight on your behalf, pursuing the absolute maximum amount of compensation possible. The firm knows that your settlement cannot cover just what you need now, but also what you will need for years and years into the future. It is through this understanding and tenacity that the firm can increase your chances of finding a comfortable life once more.

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