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Legal Review By: Greg Colavecchia, Esq.
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In New York, violent crimes are prosecuted aggressively with stiff penalties. Those who are convicted of violent offenses will generally face extended periods of incarceration with the possibility of life without parole, heavy fines, and a criminal record that can alter the course of your future.

The moment you are accused of a violent crime, the government is already working hard to create a strong case against you to make sure that you are punished with the highest penalties available. You need to act quickly and contact a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Rochester at King Law. As a former prosecutor, attorney Robert King brings an insider’s perspective of the criminal justice system and a sophisticated understanding of how violent offenses are investigated and prosecuted.

Types of Violent Offenses in New York

Violent crimes encompass a variety of offenses, most of which involve force on a victim and/or use of a weapon. Most crimes are charged as felonies, although this may vary depending on aggravating or mitigating circumstances specific to your offense.

Examples of violent offenses include:
Aggravated assault Forcible rape



Child abuse

Sex crimes


Murder and in some cases, non-negligent manslaughter

Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, you may be charged with other criminal offenses as well. Violent crimes are actively investigated and arrests happen quickly, so it is vital that you immediately contact an experienced lawyer from King Law!

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At King Law, the firm is proud to have effectively represented numerous Rochester-area clients with protecting their futures and obtaining favorable outcomes for their cases. Extensively experienced in courtroom proceedings, the legal team has tried more than 100 different cases at trial, 30 of which were criminal cases. We are confident in our ability to fight for you inside and outside of court.

As soon as the firm is hired, they can gather as much information as possible and use their legal knowledge to challenge every piece of evidence against you. Police reports can be investigated, freedom of information requests can be obtained, and a private investigator can be brought in if necessary.We focus all of our resources, experience, and knowledge into helping you build the strongest case possible. Protect your future by contacting a Rochester violent crime lawyer at the firm today.

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