Attorney Robert King

Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Lawyer In Rochester, Ny


Robert King is the founder of King Law and a native of the Rochester area, driven by a passion for representing for people in life-changing moments. At King Law, our mantra is Take Charge—controlling every single thing possible and working with the type of client who isn’t going to sit back and let a bad situation dictate their future. We believe in delivering a tailored legal strategy to each of our clients, and following through with dogged advocacy on their behalf.

As a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. King has successfully handled over 500 criminal cases, taking on all types of cases. The level of case has ranged from the lowest to the highest: violations and misdemeanor offenses to felony charges like murder, sexual abuse, complex white collar cases, and multi-year investigations into drug trafficking organizations. The firm has handled more than 43 class A and B felonies – the most serious cases in New York State.

“I have learned that every single case is critical to the client’s life. The more serious cases are not always the most complicated, complex, or difficult,” says King. “I take the cases that I am interested in. That usually means an interesting legal issue or potential for injustice. Most of all, I take cases where I think I can help.”

We like winning. We have done it over and over. This is a results-based industry, and the results speak clearly. Unlike most firms, our results are carefully tracked, and we’ll be thinking about the best result the entire time we represent you.


The firm has handled over 250 misdemeanor cases.
85% of felony charges dismissed or reduced
89% of misdemeanor charges dismissed
174 criminal cases dismissed
45 felony cases dismissed
In Western New York, 20 % of misdemeanor arrests are sentenced to jail time. For those who hired King Law, that number is less than 1%.
In Western New York, 16% of felony arrests lead to prison sentences. For those who hired King Law, that number dropped to 5%.

We also believe every case is critically important to the life of the participant. We take on a limited caseload and prioritize client service so that stress is minimized and results maximized. Our team of two lawyers and two paralegals mean you get personal attention and there is always a kind and understanding person available. It’s important to us to have a real person answering the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Prosecutorial Background

Our impressive record of wins stems from Mr. King’s experience as a prosecutor, which gave him years of experience understanding how your case will be treated on the other side. As a new Assistant District Attorney in Monroe County, Mr. King was assigned to the local courts bureau, which handled misdemeanor prosecutions in the Town Courts in Monroe County and Rochester City Court. The average caseload in local courts was approximately 2,000 misdemeanor cases per year–including Driving While Intoxicated, Assault, Possession of Controlled Substances, and Harassment–and Mr. King successfully prosecuted hundreds of these cases through trial.

After gaining significant experience in local court, Mr. King was promoted to the Special Victims Unit, responsible for prosecuting the most sensitive cases, crimes involving domestic violence and child abuse. While in the Special Victims Unit he took over twenty jury trials to verdict.

The Special Victims Unit was also where Mr. King first became interested in becoming a defense attorney. “I learned that people do anything to save themselves, or hurt people they are mad at. Every day, people lie to the police and lie on the witness stand. Sometimes the liars are the police themselves.” he says, when asked about the switch. “I was fortunate to know some great defense attorneys when I was a prosecutor and eventually became very jealous of their freedom to go to war for one person, their client.”

“Special Victims cases are, in my opinion, the very best experience any lawyer could ever have,” says King. “There is often little evidence and the stakes are high. The training is specialized. I spent thousands of hours on these cases. I took over thirty cases to jury verdict before I was thirty years old. That is rare.”

An Advocate For The Injured

In addition to his Criminal Defense practice, Mr. King takes on a limited number of personal injury cases. The firm’s personal injury practice began after a past criminal client was struck by a driver that was trying to send a text message and came across a double solid line and struck him head on. The client was a satisfied customer and demanded that Mr. King take his case, even though the firm had no experience in personal injury law.The lawsuit was successful and a settlement of over $100,000 was soon reached.

Over the next year a number of past clients were involved in personal injury matters and they were also successfully resolved. These early cases demonstrated that Mr. King’s skills as a criminal trial lawyer transferred well into civil practice. His ability to prepare a case for trial exceeded others without criminal experience. More importantly, Mr. King was more comfortable in court than most civil lawyers because he had spent his early career in the courtroom.

Finally, Mr. King’s experience settling virtually thousands of criminal cases with plea bargains gave him an advantage during negotiations in civil cases. Mr. King has continued to develop the personal injury practice of the firm. He has successfully represented victims of car accidents, slip and fall accidents, boat accidents, abuse, and various other types of injury cases.

“My record stems from a belief in being the best kind of lawyer, one that can win a lot of different ways,” says King. “The best lawyers do the best investigations, which gives them evidence that can turn the tide of a case. The best lawyers also know the nuances of the legal system, which can help them ‘win on a technicality’ or apply leverage to their opponent to force a settlement. The best lawyers are master negotiators. And when none of that works – the best lawyers are great trial lawyers.”

In 2016, 2017, and 2018 Robert King was featured in the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, a peer-reviewed list that recognizes 2.5% of the most elite attorneys in the state.


Mr. King spent his youth in rural Wayne County, New York, where he excelled academically and athletically. “The plainspoken directness that comes from a rural area can’t be removed from me. I’m proud of that,” says King. His focus in law school was criminal law with a concentration in counterterrorism law. In his final year of law school Mr. King completed his capstone paper on the legal standard for tracing terrorist financing within the United States. In law school he also consulted with the Department of Justice and US Customs and Border patrol, eventually proposing a system that would require the use of biomarkers at the border for anyone entering the United States.

“As a kid I was close with both my grandfathers. My maternal grandfather, Bob Dodge, was a union foreman. He worked with steel. He was made of steel, mentally and physically.” King continues, “On the other side my paternal grandfather was Herb King. He was an Executive at IBM. He lived the IBM mantra, ‘Think’. My career has shown that I am equal parts Bob Dodge and Herb King. Sometimes success comes from being creative, forward thinking and subtle. Sometimes success comes from hard work, guts and determination.”

Mr. King is active in the community. He is a past president of the Young Alumni Association at St. John Fisher College. He is currently active in the Wayne Central Soccer Alumni Association. He continues to race sailboats at the Rochester Yacht Club, where he also serves on the Board of Directors. He is married and has two children.


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