Sex Offender Registry Relief

The Registry consists of three different tiers of risk. The level that a person receives can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life. Those listed online often face harassment, discrimination, and social exclusion. Some of the key differences in levels include:

Level 1 – Low Risk:

20 Year Registration
Information NOT available to the general public on the state sex offender website
Limited community notification

Level 2 – Moderate Risk:

Lifetime Registration
Information available online including photograph, exact address, employer address, and details of the crime
Increased community notification

Level 3 – High Risk:

Lifetime Registration
Information available online including photograph, exact address, vehicle and license plate number, employer address, and details of the crime
Must register current address in person every 90 days
Additional proximity, residency, and presence restrictions
Highest level of community notification

Petitioning The Court For A Level Reduction

New York State law allows for individuals to apply for a risk level reduction once per calendar year. A level reduction can greatly increase an individual’s quality of life. For instance, a person may petition for a reduction to level 1, removing their information from the state registry website, and relieving them of the duty to register altogether after 20 years.

It can be argued that a person has been designated improperly creating barriers to housing, employment, and otherwise limiting their ability to participate in the community. A petition can also demonstrate that an individual’s circumstances or risk have changed over time.

Who Is Eligible for SORA Modifications in New York?

Any person required to register or verify pursuant to SORA who is a risk level 2 or 3. Level 1 is the lowest and cannot be modified
A person who was designated as a sexual predator, a sexually violent offender or a predicate sex offender may apply for modification, however that designation cannot be removed.

What Must I Prove?

That the current and future risk of repeat offense has changed
The threat to public safety is less than previously determined

How Long Must I Wait After My Initial Designation Hearing?

While there is no law that deals with timing, it is recommended that a petitioner show a significant time in the community without re-offense. Some positive contributing factors include:

History of stable employment
Success in treatment
Maintaining intimate relationships
Social support
Current Age
Risk assessment from a qualified clinician

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