Court Ordered Substance Abuse Evaluation

In New York, an individual who was charged with a drug crime or an alcohol-related crime (DWI/DUI) may be eligible for treatment and/or diversion as an alternative to traditional criminal penalties. Before that can occur, the state may require a substance abuse evaluation. In this article, our Rochester drug crimes defense attorneys provide an overview of the court approved places for a substance abuse evaluation around the region.

What is a Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency Evaluation in New York?

Also known as a ‘chemical dependency evaluation’, a substance abuse evaluation is designed to determine what level of addiction, if any, a defendant is dealing with. With the knowledge obtained from the evaluation, the court can then determine the most effective treatment plan to help promote a successful recovery.

For example, imagine that you were arrested on prescription drug charges in Rochester. You may be eligible for treatment and/or diversion to help you recover from the addiction/chemical dependency. In order to access treatment, a court will likely require a substance abuse evaluation from a qualifying place.

Notably, court mandated substance abuse allegations are not only for drug possession and drug trafficking cases. You could be ordered to undergo a mandatory chemical dependency screening if alcohol is an issue in your case. Indeed, many people arrested on drunk driving charges are required to go through an evaluation.

Court Approved Places for Chemical Dependency Evaluations in Rochester

There are a number of different approved places to get your chemical dependency evaluation in Monroe County and throughout the wider region. Here are some notable court approved places for substance abuse evaluations in Rochester, NY:

  • Baden Street Settlement: 152 Baden Street Rochester NY 14605.
  • Conifer Counseling Services: 56 S Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14620.
  • Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council: 61 Taylor St, Rochester, NY 14611.
  • DePaul Addiction Services: 1931 Buffalo Road Rochester, NY 14624.
  • Family Services of Rochester Inc: 30 North Clifton Ave, Rochester, NY 14620.
  • Huther Doyle: 360 East Ave, Rochester, NY 14604.
  • Restart Substance Abuse Services: 87 N Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14604.
  • Strong Recovery: 300 Crittenden Boulevard, Rochester NY 14642.
  • Unity Health Systems Chemical Dependency Services: 81 Lake Avenue Rochester, NY 14608.

Each court approved substance evaluation center provides its own unique set of services. You are encouraged to reach out to the organizations directly with specific questions about their treatment options and payment procedures. If you were arrested and charged with a crime, our law firm can help you navigate a court-ordered dependency evaluation.

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