Common Head Injuries in New York Car Accidents

For a state that ranks fourth in terms of population, it is surprising to learn that New York is at the bottom of the list when it comes to fatal car accidents. However, statistics on injury-causing vehicle collisions are startling. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (NY DMV), there are around 447,000 total crashes every year, and more than 21,000 of them take place in Monroe County. At both the state and county level, 1 in 5 of these motor vehicle accidents causes bodily harm to at least one person.

Broken bones, whiplash, and surface wounds are common in an auto crash, but head injuries also occur quite frequently. Depending on the severity and part of the brain affected, the consequences can be life-changing. You do have rights under New York law, so it is crucial to discuss your remedies with a Rochester, NY car accident lawyer if you sustained:


When a blow to the head or body causes the brain to shift within the skull, it comes into contact with hard bone tissue. The impact can stretch and damage brain cells, which causes chemical changes that affect their function. These alterations affect how the brain works, so there are implications for the entire body and its systems. Symptoms of minor concussion include headaches and dizziness, but a serious injury could lead to memory problems, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and depression.

Coup-Contrecoup Brain Injury

An extremely violent auto crash can cause a person’s head to strike a stationary object within the cabin of the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, a window, or the seat ahead. The brain moves in the direction of the skull and collides with the front, then does the same when the skull rebounds. There are two impacts, which cause damage and contusions to neurons, blood vessels, and other structures. The damage to the brain is usually irreversible.

Intracranial Hematomas

This head injury is the result of a ruptured blood vessel, which allows blood to pool within the brain tissue or skull. An intracranial hematoma is potentially life-threatening, and the victim will usually require emergency surgery to stabilize the injury. Unfortunately, a victim may not experience symptoms right away, leading to delays that can be fatal.

Penetrating Head Injuries

In an extremely violent crash, a high-velocity projectile or sharp shards of material can be driven through the skull and into the brain. A penetrating head injury can lead to impairment and loss of function for systems controlled by the damaged part of the brain.

A Rochester, NY Car Accidents Attorney Will Assist with Legal Remedies

If you sustained any of these head injuries in a traffic collision, you could be entitled to recover amounts for medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more. The key to obtaining fair compensation is retaining skilled representation, so please contact King Law to set up a free case review. You can speak to a New York auto crash lawyer by calling (585) 270-8882 or checking us out online.


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