Choosing The Right Doctor For Your Injuries

Following a serious injury, you know you need to get to emergency medical attention as soon as possible. When your life could be on the line, you can’t really take the time to pick and choose who helps you, and you have to trust that the emergency technicians and surgeons know what they are doing. But as soon as the immediate danger passes, thanks to that emergency care, you will need to start thinking about what doctor you choose to monitor and treat your injuries.

Hiring a doctor is, in fact, like hiring any other type of service provider. If you don’t like what they are offering, you don’t have to choose them, even if your health insurer recommends or backs them. It is important to work with someone you know will understand you and your needs as a patient. Doing so can make regular medical checkups easier and potentially provide better injury reports to use in any ongoing personal injury litigation.

Here’s three tips you should follow when choosing your doctor:

  • Hospital affiliations: Find out where your doctor has worked in the past, what hospitals they are affiliated with, and why they chose to come to their current clinic.
  • Certification: A board certified doctor has proven that they can consistently provide helpful medical treatment following accurate diagnoses. This is the standard of care you should accept.
  • Malpractice: Does a doctor have malpractice claims filed against them? What about extensive disciplinary actions from the medical board? You may want to steer clear of any doctor that does.


If your injury was the direct result of someone else’s negligence, you should probably create a personal injury claim against them to seek compensation. But this also means that the doctor you choose to monitor your health needs to be willing to work with you on your case to some extent. They might need to take time away from normal patients to testify in court, they may have to submit paperwork to insurance companies, and complete other unique tasks. This commitment can turn away many doctors, so let them know what is going on upfront, and don’t be surprised if they refer you to a specialist instead.

As far as the legal aspects of your case go, you can turn to King Law and the firm’s Rochester personal injury attorney. From car accident claims to medical malpractice cases to animal attacks, the firm has the legal know-how and knowledge needed to empower your case. Call (585) 270-8882 today to schedule a free initial consultation.


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