Why Your Auto Insurance Pays Your Medical Bills After A Car Accident, Even If It Was Their Fault

In New York the No Fault Insurance Law covers medical expenses and lost wages that result from car accidents. The insurance policy holder’s own insurance will pay for all medical expenses related to the accident and 80% of lost earnings up to a maximum of $2000 per month. Said a different way – your insurance covers lost wages and medical expenses after an accident. This law was created so minor accidents would not require lawsuits to recover for medical expenses. It should also help people with limited money get treatment right away, because everyone knows it will be paid for. What does no-fault actually mean for a person involved in a car accident?

1) The no fault insurance form should come from your insurance company. See an actual example of a No Fault application below.

2) Fill the no-fault form out immediately. The law requires you to return the no-fault insurance form within 30 days.

3) You will receive a “no fault number” from the insurance company. Give this is the number you give to the medical providers.

4) The first $50,000 of medical bills should be covered by the no-fault.

5) Sometimes insurance companies try to unjustly stop paying medical bills. You can challenge their decision.

6) You can still bring a separate personal injury lawsuit for pain and suffering and/or actual economic loss caused by an accident.


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