How To Gather Evidence In A Premises Liability Case

If you’ve suffered a serious injury after getting hurt on someone else’s property, your priority should be getting the medical attention you need. However, once your recovery begins, it’s important to start thinking about how you’re going to cover your medical expenses and make up for any lost income from missing work. While you may be able to handle some of it on your own, even a minor injury can turn into a financial nightmare. In order to pay off these bills, you may need to pursue a premises liability claim, which means you have to start thinking about collecting evidence for your case.


You need to gather evidence to prove that you were injured, that there was a hazardous condition on the property, and that the owner failed to take reasonable care to prevent that hazard. Producing all this evidence can be difficult, which is why you need an experienced premises liability attorney to help. Your attorney can help you uncover the following evidence:

  • Your medical records: Your injury may not be visible or may have healed since the accident, so you need medical records, X-rays, and your doctor’s testimony to prove you were injured.
  • Pictures of the accident scene: If the hazard still exists while you are building your case, you can return to photograph it or take a video. If the accident occurred in a public place with video surveillance, your lawyer can ask to get access to the footage.
  • Witness testimonies: If other people saw your accident and can provide a reliable testimony, you and your lawyer should contact them.
  • Other relevant documents: In some cases, your attorney may uncover additional evidence proving the property owner’s negligence, such as a former complaint.
  • Expert testimony: Your attorney can call on an impartial expert in accident reconstruction or safety to testify in your case.

Start working with your attorney to gather evidence for your premises liability case as soon as possible. If you need help contact our Rochester premises liability lawyer at King Law today to discuss your case. We are ready to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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