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The Importance of Taking Pictures for Your Car Accident Claim

Photos from a car accident scene can show proof of the cause of the collision, what contributing factors are involved in the crash and the full extent of damages which victims suffered. These pictures can show property and vehicle damage, injuries, and details which can help your claim.

Since memory can be considered unreliable at times, having photographic proof can help remind you of the details which you may have forgotten. During negotiations with insurance providers, your car accident pictures can be used as evidence to substantiate your injuries and the fault of the other party.

In the end, car accident photos can help you develop a successful claim and recover the financial compensation you deserve.

The following are helpful tips on taking car accident photos:

  • Take as many photos as you can. If space and storage permits on your smartphone, take as many pictures as possible. While it may appear to be a little excessive, you never know what you may uncover when reviewing the pictures later. Capture photos of all vehicles involved, the people at the scene, the skid marks on the street, the weather conditions, the street signs and traffic lights.
  • Take pictures from different angles. Do not just take multiple photos of various things. Instead, take as many photos as you can of the same thing from different angles.
  • Take pictures of your injuries and document the recovery process. Photos can provide proof of the full extent of your injuries. Documenting the recovery process can demonstrate how serious your injuries are and how it prevents you from returning to work or living a normal life.
  • Take photos immediately after your accident. Take pictures as soon as possible. However, it may be difficult to do if you are severely injured. This could mean asking a friend, family member, or your lawyer to take pictures of your injuries and then return to the scene at a later time.

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