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Personal Injury Claim Checklist

In our day-to-day lives, we invariably come across situations where we rely on someone else to act or behave in such a way that no one is put in danger. Most obviously and frequently, we depend on other drivers to control their vehicle responsibly. When other people fail to uphold this simplest of civic duties, innocents are injured, often without warning.

Due to the unpredictability of random yet preventable accidents, you should know what to do ahead of time in case you are hurt. Please reference the following Personal Injury Claim Checklist for useful steps to help you avoid overlooking something critical in your claim.

Collect Evidence

From car accidents to dog bites, there will always be evidence of what happened right at the scene of your accident or injury. If possible, take photographs of the area, all injuries and damages, and potential offenders (such as the aggressive dog). Eyewitness testimonies are also powerful, no matter what sort of accident caused your injury.

Medical Attention

You should never hesitate to get the medical attention that you need to take care of your injury. Your health needs to come first, no matter how expensive you think it might cost to treat you. Consider these two truths: A) getting a medical attention creates a medical record which can be used to your advantage in your case, and B) if you win your injury claim, you shouldn’t have to fully pay for your treatments anyway.

Never Accept Blame

An accident can unfold right before your eyes but still be so confusing or traumatic, you aren’t exactly sure what happened. For this reason, you must never accept blame or liability for what happened. Allow professional investigators, and possibly even a jury, to make that call. You should also not apologize to any others involved in the accident, as this could be misconstrued by insurance adjusters as an admission of guilt.

Retain a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawsuit pits you against the liable party, and you must be aware that they will be ready to fight you each step of the way to protect their pocketbook. By working with King Law and retaining the firm’s Rochester personal injury attorney, you can even the playing field. Better yet, you may be able to tip it in your favor. Before you even file your claim, the firm can review your personal injury checklist one last time to ensure nothing has been overlooked.

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