Title IX

It’s your first year of college, and you’re seeing all your hard work pay off that lead you to this moment. As you’re navigating college, making new friends, and becoming involved on-campus, you think “I love college”. Until you’re sitting in your dorm, and you receive a letter from the Title IX Office from your college stating that someone is accusing you of sexual assault. Your entire future is now determined by one allegation. Now you’re confused, flustered, and wondering what to do now. The answer is simple, get a Title IX lawyer to help you navigate this sensitive time.

Did you know that you will have to represent yourself?

You may not know this, but when you are up against a Title IX accusation, you will have to represent yourself. The process is supposed to be student centered. We think this is ridiculous. College students don’t have any experience investigating serious accusations or cross examining witnesses against them. A good advisor will do as much as they can, but also teach the student how to advocate for themselves. For example, the closing statement at the time of the Title IX hearing must be given by the respondent. A good advisor will help prepare the closing statement and determine what should be included, so the panel can make a decision based on the evidence presented at the hearing and not emotion.

If you do not hire a lawyer an advisor from your institution’s Title IX office will be provided. Advisors that are provided by the college are primarily for explaining investigation and hearing process. Some colleges will tell you that that a lawyer is not necessary. That is false. Treat this moment in your life like it will make or break your future. If you are found responsible you will likely be expelled from college and your transcript will be noted as “responsible for sexual assault.” It will be very difficult to get into any college with a transcript notation indicating you have sexually assaulted someone.

This can be intimidating because your future is on the line, all because of one allegation.  You have never been in this situation and you don’t know how to defend yourself. Most universities, when handling Title IX cases, allow third-party representatives to have limited interactions with the case itself. But having a Title IX lawyer will ensure that you are fully aware of the allegations and start strategizing a defense.

Benefits of having an attorney in your corner.

As a college student you are not experienced with the technicalities of the law. This is where having a Title IX lawyer benefits you. We are here to help you build a case for yourself to effectively prepare you to speak on your own behalf. Although we cannot represent you verbally in the hearing, we work to provide you with a strong case with evidence to allow you to efficiently represent your side of the allegation.

What do we do for you?

  • Work through the evidence that supports your side and interpret what it means
  • Find evidence that shows you are innocent
  • Find evidence that the complainant is not telling the truth
  • We can send investigators to aid in the process
  • Extensively prep you on what to do and what to expect during your hearing
  • Encourage the college to investigate people or things that will help you
  • Aid in preparation and be present during your hearing so that you feel confident in how you are presenting yourself
  • Cross examine witnesses during the hearing


King Law Title IX Attorneys

Don’t let one allegation prevent you from fulfilling your dreams. Your future is at risk, and it is a confusing time. King Law is here to help you navigate through your Title IX case.


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