Common Motorcycle Safety Myths

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous and the subject of how to best stay safe is often a topic of discussion among riders. Many motorcyclists have come to trust their instincts, skills, and methods for avoiding accidents. However, there are also several common myths which continue to circulate that can actually increase the chance of injury. Dispelling the six myths listed below can help all riders to stay safe while out on the road.

  1. Helmets reduce visibility: A rider may be hesitant to put on a full helmet, believing that an open-face helmet will allow for greater visibility. While a rider may feel “enclosed”, the Department of Transportation requires that all helmets have a full area of view. A full helmet is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment and can reduce wind pressure and noise while providing eye protection.
  2. More power is better: The argument goes that if a bike is more powerful, lasts longer, and has greater functionality, it must be better. The truth is that every bike will have different pros and cons and will be suited for different riders at different levels of experience. When a newer rider buys a more powerful bike than they currently have experience with, accidents can happen.
  3. Lay your bike down in a crash: Some riders may feel as though laying your bike down in a crash is the fastest way to reduce speed. Others may feel safer when lower to the ground. The truth is that the best way to cut speed is through proper breaking and while there may be situations when ditching your bike may be the safest option, they are few and far between.
  4. Freeways are more dangerous than streets: This myth proposes that faster freeway speeds lead to a greater risk of accidents. When a crash does occur, increased speed can lead to more severe injuries, however, speed is not the only factor in determining the probability of an accident. Freeways can present a more controlled environment than a street. On the street, a driver will encounter unprotected turns, dangerous intersections, pedestrians, and roadside activity not typically present on a freeway.
  5. Your experience will keep you safe: Experience can greatly reduce rider error, however, it may be impossible to eliminate external dangers. Drunk drivers, fatigued motorists, and hazardous conditions may always exist on the road and overconfidence can actually increase the risk of these dangers. When the negligent actions of another driver put you in the line of danger, they may be going too fast for anyone to react in time.
  6. Loud bikes will keep you safe: It is incredibly dangerous to assume that any feature will increase another driver’s awareness of motorcycles on the road. The sound your bike produces may put a driver on alert, but it does not guarantee that they will see you. In fact, other drivers may still not register that your motorcycle is there even when looking in your direction.


Dispelling common myths can help to keep motorcyclists safe, however, no matter how many preparations are taken, being on the road is dangerous. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to seek compensation for your damages. The Law Office of Robert King possesses extensive experience helping accident victims to seek justice and can fight for every dollar that you deserve. Contact the firm’s Rochester personal injury attorney and discover your legal options.

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