Things You Should Tell Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Any type of accident can be stressful, and injuries related to an accident can be costly and take months or years to heal. If you have been injured and already retained an attorney, it is important that you are upfront and honest about specific details related to your case to help your lawyer secure a desirable outcome for you. Information regarding your accident can give you an upper hand in trials and assist your attorney in working with other parties involved in your case. Learn more about crucial information you should provide your attorney early on in a case.

You should always tell your personal injury lawyer about:

  • Specifics Regarding Your Injury
    • Tell your attorney anything and everything that you can remember about your injuries and the scene. You should provide details such as where/when the injury occurred and what type of treatment you received.
    • If you have preexisting injuries, your lawyer should be aware of those as well.
  • Your Financial Situation
    • It may seem uncomfortable, but an attorney needs to know what wages were lost due to your injuries. This may include bankruptcies that were filed, bills that you have not been able to pay or medical or personal expenses related to your injury.
  • Criminal History on Your Records
    • Insurance companies and defense attorneys may run background checks on you . It is better that your attorney is made aware of your past criminal history, even though it should have no effect on your personal injury case.
  • Spousal Support or Child Support You May Be Paying
    • In some cases, settlements from personal injury cases may be awarded to spouses receiving support or childcare. Make sure that your lawyer understands any outstanding divorce decrees that you may have.
  • Any Contact You Have Had With Anyone From the Case or Insurance Companies
    • Insurance companies may have contacted you since the accident, or the individual or company involved may have tried to contact you. If you have spoken to them, keep track of the conversation, including when they called and how long the conversation was. Most calls or text should be forwarded to your attorney.


If you have been injured and are still looking to obtain legal representation after an accident, you can contact the trusted Rochester personal injury attorneys at King Law. Clients can start with a free case evaluation! Call now to get started.


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