At King Law in Syracuse, NY, we recognize that finding a criminal defense lawyer to represent you effectively can be an intimidating process. Let’s face it, attempting to navigate the landscape of criminal law on your own can be both discouraging and confusing. With your future on the line, you shouldn’t take any chances. You need an aggressive and experienced attorney who will take charge and fight for your rights. With decades of experience practicing criminal law, our team of specialized attorneys will do exactly that. We will fight for you.

Syracuse is a special place for King Law. Our father, Scott King, was raised in Syracuse. The founder of our firm, Robert King, is a graduate of Syracuse University College of Law. We have represented hundreds of clients facing charges ranging from juvenile offenses and misdemeanors to violent felonies. Our firm has spent years specializing in all aspects of criminal defense so that you do not have to. When we defend our clients against criminal charges, they can be sure that they are receiving the best possible defense available.

Criminal cases are prosecuted by the District Attorney’s office in the county in which the crime was committed. For example, criminal arrests in the City of Syracuse are prosecuted by the Onondaga County District Attorney’s office. Federal cases that occur in Syracuse will be prosecuted by the United States Attorney for the Northern District of New York.

Each of our Criminal Defense attorneys was selected based on their skill, experience, and personality. Our Criminal Defense Attorney’s were all former prosecutors and understand both sides of the courtroom and use it to their advantage. Being a skilled attorney is not enough at King Law. Our attorneys are very detail oriented and have a client-centered approach. Our lawyers are creative, persistent, and most importantly – out prepare their adversaries.

Our office is centrally located in downtown Syracuse near Syracuse University on the second floor of Madison Towers at 60 Presidential Ct #210, Syracuse, NY 13202. We are also available to speak with 24 hours a day at (315) 509-2906. Feel free to stop in or give us a call.

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The Playing Field is Tilted Against You

There are many protections afforded to criminal suspects. However, few of them mean much in practice if you do not have an aggressive criminal defense attorney in your corner.

Consider one: proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors need very strong evidence before they can convict someone of a crime and possibly put them in jail. Nevertheless, most juries simply assume a defendant is guilty, and convictions are alarmingly easy for prosecutors to obtain. All suspects need an attorney who can poke holes in the state’s evidence and argue that the evidence doesn’t fit together.

Another one: the Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Typically, police need a search warrant to arrest you, or they need solid reasons to suspect you are guilty of a crime to even stop and talk to you. However, police often violate these rules, and defendants need an attorney who points out the violation to a judge.

The only way to level the playing field is to hire a solid criminal defense attorney in Syracuse. At King Law, we fully investigate a crime, holding a magnifying glass to the actions taken by police. Where appropriate, we can ask the judge to toss evidence that was illegally obtained, which can dramatically increase your odds of a favorable disposition.

Prosecutors Are Not Always Lenient

You might have heard that prosecutors hand out plea deals like candy so they can avoid the time and expense of a trial. There is some truth to this. For non-violent offenses, many prosecutors will try to get a plea deal. However, this does not mean that their offer is the best deal you can get.

Often, prosecutors pretend their evidence is much stronger than it really is. There might be exculpatory evidence out there, like an alibi witness, that casts doubt on the state’s theory of the case. We can find this evidence and seek a dismissal of charges, where appropriate.

Criminal Defendants Have Rights

The Constitution, as well as the New York Rules of Evidence, provide ample protections to defendants. Some of the more important rights include:

  • The right to remain silent. You cannot be forced to incriminate yourself. And when police handle interrogations unlawfully, your statements can be suppressed.
  • The right to a fair trial. The prosecutor cannot use hearsay and unfairly prejudicial information to convict you.
  • The right to fair police lineups and photo arrays. If the line up or array is unduly suggestive—singling you out based on your race, for example—then the identification might be inadmissible.

A criminal defense attorney needs to understand the proper way to challenge any illegal or unfair evidence. Often, we must file a pre-trial motion and request that the judge keep out this evidence.

A Conviction Carries Serious Repercussions

Most crimes are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies. Both can result in incarceration. Losing your freedom is a very serious problem, but it could be the reality if you do not hire the right Syracuse criminal defense attorney.

There are other, less well-known collateral consequences that flow from any conviction. For example, a felon can lose their right to vote, as well as the ability to own a firearm or serve on a jury. Many employers and landlords also require that applicants disclose a criminal conviction on their application. Even a misdemeanor could result in a rejection.

Many professionals and small business owners also need licenses to operate legally, and convictions can result in the loss or denial of a professional license. We encourage all criminal suspects to do everything possible to fight off a conviction, since the consequences can be severe.

Defendants Need Their Own Lawyer

New York has many dedicated and highly skilled public defenders. However, these folks have massive caseloads and are usually overworked and overstretched. A public defender, no matter how skilled, cannot commit the necessary time or resources to a case the way a private attorney can.

At King Law, our Syracuse criminal defense attorneys will fully investigate a case and search for evidence that shows your innocence. We can dedicate the necessary time to pre-trial motions and jury selection that give our clients the best chance for success.

There is no reason to wait. Seek legal counsel. Contact a Syracuse criminal defense attorney at King Law today at (585) 270-8882.




King Law Syracuse received a call from an individual that was recently charged with Petit Larceny in Town of Dewitt, Onondaga County. A petit larceny an allegation that an individual stole property. A petit larceny is an A misdemeanor. The maximum sentence for an A misdemeanor is up to 1 year in jail or up to 3 years of probation. During the call, our lawyer quickly gathered information about the case and about the caller and determined that an immediate meeting was important because of the upcoming life events – a college financial aid application deadline. A meeting was scheduled the same day.


Our lawyer met with the accused individual in a private and confidential setting. During the initial meeting, we described what we could do to help and outlined a multi-phased plan that he would implement.

Plan implementation

Our lawyers started working on the case the very next day and started with phase one of the outlined plan. The first phase of the plan was to proactively approach the Onondaga District Attorney’s Office with a mitigation summary that would outline why the case should be dismissed. The plan worked. Within days of receiving our mitigation summary the District Attorney’s Office agreed to an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (“ACD”). An ACD meant that if King Law’s client did not get arrested for 6 months, the case would be dismissed.


Our Attorney spoke with the client frequently and explained the case developments ahead of the first and only Court appearance in Dewitt Town Court. He explained what an ACD was and how it worked. On the Court date, the agreement was placed “on the record,” and the ACD was entered, and our client continued on their path to a college education.