How Can I Seek Compensation After a Multicar Pileup Accident?

When you have been in a collision involving multiple vehicles, it can be difficult to know where to turn for compensation. Many multi-car accidents, including multi-car pileup crashes, can involve many different negligent drivers who were speeding, following too closely, or failing to follow other rules of the road. Indeed, in multicar car accidents, it may be extremely complicated to determine who is at fault for the collision and who is liable for injuries that are not covered by insurance. An experienced Rochester car accident attorney at King Law can evaluate your case for you today and can speak with you about options for seeking financial compensation.

Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

New York is a no-fault state, which means that anyone who is injured in a motor vehicle collision must first turn to their own insurance company for compensation. This is true even if you have clear evidence that another motorist was at fault for the multi car pileup accident in which you were injured. At the same time, even if you are not sure who was at fault, or if you have concerns that you may have been partially at fault for the collision, you can still seek compensation through your own auto insurer.

Multi Car Accidents and the Serious Injury Threshold

Anyone who has been seriously injured in a multi car pileup accident and wants to file a lawsuit will need to be able to show that they meet the “serious injury threshold” requirement under New York Insurance Law § 5104. How can you prove that you have an injury that is serious enough for you to be able to file a lawsuit? The following are cited as serious injuries under New York law:

  • Death;
  • Dismemberment;
  • Significant disfigurement;
  • Fracture;
  • Loss of a fetus;
  • Permanent loss of use of a body organ, member, function, or system;
  • Permanent consequential limitation of use of a body organ or member;
  • Significant limitation of use of a body function or system; or
  • Medically determined injury or impairment of a non-permanent nature which prevents the injured person from performing substantially all of the material acts which constitute such person’s usual and customary daily activities for not less than ninety days during the one hundred eighty days immediately following the occurrence of the injury or impairment.

Determining Fault in a Multi Car Pileup

If you were unable to obtain full compensation through your insurance claim and you meet the serious injury threshold, you will need to work with a car accident lawyer in Rochester to determine liability for the multi car pileup. Determining fault in an accident like this can be extremely complex since multiple parties may be to blame. Our firm can evaluate your case and determine which party or parties may be responsible for your injuries.

Contact Our Rochester Car Accident Attorneys Today

If you or someone you love recently sustained injuries in a multi car accident, one of our experienced Rochester auto accident lawyers can talk with you today about your case and your eligibility for filing a lawsuit. We can also work with you to determine who may be liable for your injuries, and we can help you to file a lawsuit against one or more motorists who were responsible for the multi car pileup collision. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help. Contact King Law to learn more about how we can assist you.


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