Car Accidents In New York Declining, Some Problem Areas Rising

At King Law, our Rochester car accident attorney proudly provides unwavering and dedicated legal services to people who have been injured in traffic collisions. More than wanting to help people receive maximum compensation for their injuries, we want to help people avoid getting into crashes in the first place. A large part of prevention is understanding, so we took a look at recent car accident statistics compiled by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to find out more.


The most recent data collections are from 2014 – it usually takes about 2 years to get the full scope of information from a year of car accidents – so we compared those to the statistics of 2013. Overall, car accidents are declining. This actually mirrors a nationwide trend that is encouraging and suggests that drivers are becoming more aware of the consequences of reckless driving.

There were some points of concern, however, that saw increases between 2013 and 2014:

  1. Two-car collisions: Single-vehicle accidents dropped noticeably but two-car collisions rose slightly. This trend is opposite what safety organizations would like to see. If there must be a car accident, the less people involved, the better.
  2. Property damage: There were more incidents of reported property damage after a crash in New York in 2014 than there were in 2013. It is difficult to assume why this fluctuation occurred but one guess would be that more people are colliding in urban areas where property is just off the side of the road.
  3. Unsafe backing: Don’t forget to always check your mirrors and blind spots before backing up slowly. Distractions are unsafe! 2014 saw a visible increase in accidents caused by unsafe backing.
  4. Vehicular defects: Perhaps it is not surprising to learn that defective vehicles caused an increasing number of accidents since every other news story seems to be about defective auto parts and vehicular failures.
  5. Slippery roads: There was almost a 10% jump in car accidents caused by water or ice on roads and asphalt. Exercising caution during adverse weather condition must be a priority while behind the wheel.

Now that we have a better understanding of car accident statistics, we would like to remind you that we can assist you after you have been injured in a crash that was not your fault. Contact our Rochester personal injury lawyer as soon as you know you need a professional’s help and input with your car accident claim.


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