Cars Are Safer Than Ever, Fatal Car Accidents On The Rise – Why?

Take a look at the safety features on some of the newest cars on the market, and you will be astonished with what technology can accomplish. Most of these safety features are standard, too, meaning that people of all income brackets can enjoy them. Of course, self-driving innovations are considerably more expensive but the fact remains that cars today are safer than they ever have been. So, why are fatal car accidents on the rise again?

The National Safety Council (NSC) tracks auto accident injuries and fatalities, year over year. According to their findings, 2015 say around 2,500 more car accident fatalities than 2014. Preliminary numbers also indicate that 2016 will have more than 2015, showing a general rise in fatal traffic collisions, despite a rise in safety technology. The NSC believes it has found the culprits behind this strangely paradoxical statistic.


Even though lower gas prices are great for your pocket, they are technically not good for your safety. 2014 saw a big drop in gas prices across the country and a respectable decrease to the unemployment rate. With more people on the road and affording to take longer trips, Americans are traveling more total road miles year over year since 2014. The more people on the road, the more likely someone is going to cause a crash.

The other leading cause of this rise in fatalities is everyday complacency in the average American motorist. People believe they are safe and sound in their vehicles, that if anything goes wrong, it will happen to someone else. This relaxed mindset is the groundwork for dangerous and distracted driving behaviors, such as driving while intoxicated or while reading text messages. Consumer Affairs recently posted an article that discussed how drivers aren’t just texting behind wheels anymore, they’re actually playing around with apps. (Click here to check out their article in full.) As the president of the NSC pointed out, 100 car accident fatalities a day in the country speaks loud and clear that a motorist’s focus must always stay on driving, no matter how safe and technologically advanced their car may be.

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