Written By: Robert King, Esq.
Legal Review By: Greg Colavecchia, Esq.
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Student Offenses in Rochester

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Criminal records are not something that anyone should mess around with; after a conviction, a criminal record can follow you for the rest of your life. It is extremely important that high school and college students charged with any criminal offense take immediate action to protect their futures.

At King Law, a Rochester criminal defense lawyer can investigate every portion of the case and initiate an immediate plan to ensure that the rights and freedoms of young adults are protected. The firm has been assisting clients for years with obtaining the best possible outcomes for their cases, and they may be able to help you as well.

High School Students
As you navigate your way through high school, it is not uncommon to sometimes fall in with the wrong group of people. Peer pressure, parties, and even friends can turn students on to some bad habits. Not only can a criminal arrest be detrimental to a student’s driving privileges, but the student may also face suspension, exclusion from school functions including graduation, and lose scholarships.

College Students
For some young people, college is one of the first times in their lives that they are living independently, sometimes far from home, and learning how to get by without the help of family. College parties, spring break and the pressures of social interactions can have criminal consequences. College students are often tried as adults, not as juveniles, so it is important you work with an attorney if you are arrested.

Aggressive Criminal Defense

In the state of New York, students who are under the age of 21 but over the age of 18 can be either tried in a juvenile court or in an adult court. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest and what the arrest was for, a prosecutor may decide to “make an example” out of a juvenile by trying them at the adult level.

Driving under the influence, drug crimes and sex crimes are some of the most commonly charged crimes against students. Conviction of any of these offenses could have a devastating effect on your life. In order to protect yourself and avoid having to expunge records in the future, it is imperative that King Law be contacted immediately.

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