Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Settlement Amounts

One of the most frequently asked questions King Law receives from victims looking to file a Camp Lejeune Justice Act claim is: what are the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Settlement Amounts?

The Camp Lejeune Justice Act was just signed into law and there have not yet been trials or cases settled. Consequently, it is hard to say for certain what the settlement amounts will be. However, King Law is estimating that settlements will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is based on other recent lawsuits and what will be considered when determining settlement amounts for Camp Lejeune victims.

What factors determine Camp Lejeune water contamination settlement amounts?

Foremost, different Camp Lejeune lawsuits from toxic water exposure will be worth varying amounts. Settlement amounts will be determined by economic loss, as well as past and future pain and suffering. Economic loss refers to medical bills, lost jobs and wages, transportation to and from doctors appointments and any other past or future economic loss anticipated or incurred from the illness. Past and future pain and suffering includes the emotional distress, physical pain, stress, trauma and more than the illness caused. These will be factors in determining the actual settlement amounts.

Recent lawsuits from exposure to Round Up, Paraquat or other toxic water saw settlement amounts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is is why King Law anticipates seeing these settlement ranges for Camp Lejeune water contamination. The way that the Camp Lejeune Justice Act was written is that the settlements are funded by the settlement fund of the United States of America. This means there is no cap on the settlement pool for claims filed as part of this law.

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