Federal Fraud Charges: What You Should Know

There are many different kinds of federal fraud charges that a person can face in Upstate New York, and in some cases a person may be facing more than one type of federal charges for a fraud or fraud-related offenses. These types of crimes all fall under the broader umbrella of white collar crime, which refers to criminal offenses that have financial motivations and do not require violence or force. Yet even though fraud and other types of white collar crimes do not involve violence, the federal government takes them extremely seriously, and it is critical to have an experienced fraud defense lawyer in Rochester on your side. In the meantime, the following are some of the key things you should know about federal fraud charges.

Fraud is a Form of White Collar Crime

Fraud is one type of criminal offense that is a type of white collar crime, although it is important to understand that there are many different kinds of white collar offenses.

Many Different Types of Federal Fraud Charges Exist

There are a wide variety of types of fraud that can be charged specifically under federal law, including but not limited to the following:

  • Bank fraud;
  • Health care fraud;
  • Insurance fraud;
  • Mail fraud;
  • Securities fraud; and
  • Wire fraud.

These are just some examples of specific fraud offenses under federal law,

You Could Face Multiple Fraud Charges for a Specific Criminal Act

Many fraud offenses can be charged concurrently, depending upon the specific criminal acts that are alleged. For example, mail fraud (18 U.S. Code § 1341) could be charged concurrently with wire fraud (18 U.S. Code § 1343) if a person is involved in a fraud scheme that involves communications sent both through the mail and electronically. Or, for example, bank fraud and wire fraud may both be charged if a person is accused of involvement in a credit card fraud scheme that affects a banking institution and involves the use of electronic communication devices (such as the internet on a computer).

Fraud Convictions Come with Serious Penalties

You should know that fraud convictions can result in serious penalties. For example, a mail fraud conviction can result in a sentence of up to thirty years in prison and a monetary fine of up to one million dollars.

You Need a Defense Lawyer with Experience Handling Fraud Defenses

Fraud offenses are extremely serious, and you need to have a lawyer on your side with specific experience defending against white collar offenses and fraud charges in particular.

Contact Our Upstate New York White Collar Crimes Defense Attorneys Today

Whether you are under investigation for one or more federal fraud offenses or you have already been arrested or charged with one or more fraud offenses, it is critical to get help from an experienced white collar criminal defense lawyer in Rochester. Although you might be thinking that a white collar criminal offense will not be taken as seriously as a violent crime, it is essential to understand that the federal government takes fraud and other white collar crimes extremely seriously, and these types of offenses often result in penalties that are more severe than convictions for certain violent offenses. Contact King Law to learn more about how we can begin building a defense strategy for the white collar crime you have been accused of committing.


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