Client Of Attorney King Acquitted Of All Charges In Rape Case

Attorneys Robert King and Kristina Karle have secured a not guilty verdict for a client accused of multiple counts of rape.

Mr. Franck Bisimwa, a college student at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, was accused of raping a fellow student – name withheld for privacy reasons – in his dorm room in 2014. Despite the charges initially being dropped in April 2015, he was indicted again that June. Rochester Criminal Defense Attorney Robert King and Attorney Kristina Karle were retained to defend Mr. Bisimwa against two counts of first-degree rape and another two counts of third-degree rape.

From the beginning, Attorneys King and Karle were insistent in their beliefs that their client was innocent and that exaggerations or false accusations were used during the statements that spurred his arrest. The evidence against him seemed to have holes in it – Mr. Bisimwa’s accuser answered “I don’t remember” 95 times and “I don’t know” another 92 times during testimonies – but the prosecution was persistent. King and Karle had to be even more tenacious, arguing clearly and concisely that there must be ample evidence in a criminal case to secure a conviction. According to the defense team, the woman claimed that she was the one who called authorities but it would later be discovered that a friend did it for her. With so many unknowns and gray areas in the story, the testimony just could not be taken as solid evidence against Bisimwa.

After just over an hour of deliberation, the mixed jury returned with a not guilty verdict, triggering a full acquittal of all charges. Mr. Bisimwa is thankful that “the truth came out” and intends to get his life back on track and continue his college education. Following the accusations and his arrest, he was expelled from St. John Fisher College, but he is not deterred and will continue to apply elsewhere.

At King Law, clients are always treated with respect and protected to the full extent of the firm’s abilities, regardless of the severity of their accusations. Through Attorney King’s dedication and legal know-how, and the invaluable support of partnering Attorney Karle, a case that could have ended in 25 or more years of prison time for the accused instead came to a positive ending.

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