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If you have been arrested for a crime or face criminal charges in the greater Rochester area, there is no other name to trust than The Law Office of Robert King. Our firm is fronted by a passionate and knowledgeable legal advocate who aggressively pursues justice for each client, never settles for a plea deal, and actively works for the best result possible. Through our open, honest approach with our clients and tenacious, aggressive stance against the prosecution, we utilize the best of both worlds to increase your chances of securing a favorable case result.

You deserve to have the confidence that your freedoms and rights are being safeguarded from a criminal justice system that can feel all-too-eager to lock people away. Your side of the story must be heard to ensure you and justice are respected in court. When you work with us, you will be joining forces with a legal team that uses every tool in its arsenal to protect and uphold your rights.

Firm founder Attorney Robert King is a tenacious advocate who is well-respected in legal circles for his tenacity and legal accomplishments. Robert King was featured in the 2016 Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, a peer-reviewed recognition reserved for no more than 2.5% of attorneys in the state. He has the legal experience you need behind your case.

Our Past Experiences Help Us Protect Your Future

Before we tell you all about what we can do for you, it might help for you to know what we have already done for hundreds of clients in similar situations. While working as a prosecutor for the Special Victims Unit (SVU), Attorney Robert King saw how important and powerful a defense attorney needed to be to protect people from injustices. Ever since he switched to the other side of the courtroom, he has been adamantly defending the rights of the accused. If the past is any indication of the future, our firm should consistently find success for our clients with Attorney King’s leadership.

Since our firm was established, we have managed more than 100 misdemeanor cases with an 85% success rate of total dismissal and another 4% success rate of reductions. We have also taken on more than 75 felony cases with 42% dismissed and another 41% with reduced sentencing.
(For a more detailed graphic, please see below.)

We are also aware that some law firms may boast about how many cases they take on each year, successes or otherwise. Part of our strategy to give our clients the best possible criminal defense representation is to keep the number of cases we accept comparatively low. We do no one any favors by bogging ourselves down and trying to juggle dozens of cases in one week. Instead, we take our time and focus 100% on your case, providing you with the personalized and responsive attention you deserve.

Criminal Defense for the Empire State

For every law in New York State’s legislation, there is at least one way to violate it. The legal system can feel as convoluted as it does cluttered to those unfamiliar with legalese and the general intricacies of litigation. At our law firm, we take intentional strides to make your case as simple as possible for you, leaving the complicated matters and stacks of paperwork to ourselves while you focus on other matters. We make no move to distance you from your own case, though, and always keep you up-to-speed on any important decision that requires your attention. Through this balance of personalized casework and professional legal advocacy, we have been able to provide top-notch criminal defense representation to clients from all walks of life and facing all sorts of criminal charges.

Some of the most commonly occurring cases we have handled include:

The prosecution is going to come after you with a whole list of reasons as to why you should be convicted, and they might even try to scare you into accepting a plea bargain. With our Rochester criminal defense firm on your side, you do not need to be afraid of their intimidation tactics. From infractions to felonies, we do not waver when it comes to shielding our clients and doing everything we can to give them the defense they deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney in Rochester, NY

When you think of a reliable and renowned criminal defense attorney, you undoubtedly envision someone who is not afraid to get in the opposition’s face for their client’s sake, and you also might see someone who is systematic and detailed, not letting any bit of evidence go unexamined or unused. One of the great things about finding a dependable criminal defense attorney is that you have also found someone who has all the skills required to be a compassionate and trustworthy personal injury lawyer. Attorney Robert King takes his tenacity, keen eye for detail, and fighting spirit that is so useful and necessary in a criminal case and applies it to injury claims.

Let our Rochester personal injury attorney help you with claims involving:

During a complimentary initial consultation, you can tell our team what has happened to you, who you think is to blame for what happened, and what sort of compensation you think you will require to get back on your feet again. Keep in mind that the insurance providers of the liable party may come to you and try to get you to settle on a smaller amount than you deserve. This is where our aggressive litigation skills come in handy once again – where another personal injury lawyer might be eager to accept an amount and move on, we will be sure to fight for your rights until the very end.

Discover how the Rochester criminal defense attorney can defend your rights and freedoms. Start your fight by contacting this Rochester criminal defense firm !

One of Rochester, New York’s premier criminal defense law offices, the firm proudly defends clients throughout Monroe County, and Wayne County .

  • “Great Attorney”

    The firm I was working with told us we had to get separate attorneys for each of us (3) as we got closer to filing a suit due to injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. I had no idea where to turn so they recommended Bob. He ...

    - Lisa

  • “Great and reliable man”

    My experience with Robert King was a terrific one, he's very pleasant, funny and very intelligent. He's very well rounded and a great lawyer, he seemed to know a lot about what was presented to me and my family. My court appearance was ...

    - Angelo Laganello


    Mr. King was truly a blessing to my family. He was sympathetic, understanding and caring. He did EVERYTHING to make the situation turn out GREAT. His efforts honestly changed the outcome of life. I can't thank him enough for all that ...

    - Grateful family

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There are few things that can make a person feel more isolated or alone than getting arrested for an alleged crime. When you hire the skilled professionals at the firm, you can be working with a law firm that can utilize every tool in its arsenal to protect your rights.

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  • Former Prosecutor

    As a former criminal prosecutor, Attorney Robert King utilizes his insider knowledge to deliver comprehensive, powerhouse defense for each client.

  • Hundreds of Cases Tried

    There is no replacement for experience, and Attorney King has made a name for himself as a veteran litigator who knows how to get results at trial.

  • Excellent Results

    Whether clients have faced misdemeanor or felony charges, Attorney King has consistently achieved case dismissals, charge reductions, and acquittals.

  • Satisfied Clients

    Known for honest and insightful service, this Rochester defense firm delivers attentive service to help clients face the future with confidence.

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