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I am Robert King, the owner of King Law. Choosing a law firm for your Camp Lejeune claim is not something to take lightly. It may be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. We are committed to excellent customer service and great legal results. I am personally leading a team of four attorneys and five paralegals. Camp Lejeune water cases are my top priority. I simply cannot believe that our government allowed this to happen. I am committed to doing everything in my power to get justice for those affected. Don’t be fooled by big-budget advertising. Yes, you could choose a national firm you see on TV with the 1-800 number and be one of thousands of cases and not speak with the lawyer handling your case.Some of those commercials are advertising agencies that sell leads to lawyers.

Bob King: Camp Lejeune Attorney

If you hire King Law, I make the promise that if you have a qualifying condition and live in the lower 48 states, I will personally visit you at your home (if you choose) and discuss your case face-to-face. How many other law firm owners will make that promise?

Our record of wins is not a one-size-fits-all legal strategy. As a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience, I know precisely how to tailor a plan of action for your case and go on the offensive. We’ve handled hundreds of injury claims and have recovered millions for our clients.

“I don’t think there’s a greater responsibility in the world than somebody who’s had the worst in their life calling you up and saying I need help” – Robert King

Client Testimonials

Every lawyer will tell you that they are the best lawyer for your case. We prefer to let our clients do the talking:

“I reached out to King Law using the chat window on the website, and within the hour Mr. King reached out by telephone and was very informative and easy to talk with. I chose King Law for my case because of how responsive and easy to talk with the team is. They are a small team working together and as a client, you don’t feel like just another number. King Law went above and beyond my expectations and they were able to get me a favorable outcome! I would highly recommend them to family, friends, colleagues, and anyone who may need legal support.”

- Former Client

“I try to do what I would expect a lawyer to do for me if I called them.” – Robert King

Our Experience in Veterans Law

Our firm has extensive experience advocating for veterans. My brother, Jerry King, was awarded a VA fellowship and began his career as a lawyer serving veterans who could not afford representation. Our representation included basic wills, real estate, disability and criminal representation.

Our network in veterans issues has led to speaking engagements with several veterans organizations including VFW, American Legion, AMVETS, and the Marine Corp League to educate them on the Camp Lejeune water lawsuit litigation.

Our experience as personal injury lawyers combined with a deeper understanding of veterans issues makes us a strong choice for excellent service and good results.

How to File a Claim

All claims will need to be filed in the United States Federal Court, meaning that King Law can help you no matter where you live. A contingency agreement will be used when working with a King Law attorney. This means that you will not owe anything unless you are awarded compensation. We are anticipating that the new law will set an amount or percentage of the settlement that can be paid to an attorney. There will be a two-year window once this bill becomes a law in which claims must be filed in Federal Court.

You are still eligible to file a lawsuit under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act if you are already receiving compensation through the VA. There is no risk of losing your current benefits.

If you or someone you know lived, worked, or was otherwise present at Camp Lejeune for more than 30 days between 1953 and 1987 call us at 585-535-9114 for a free consultation and case analysis.

Wherever you are – we’ll be there

“If you live in the lower 48 states and have a qualifying claim, call me and I will personally meet with you at your home to discuss your case.” –Robert King
Call Robert King at (585) 535-9114 to get started.

What happens after you file a claim:

There will be a judge assigned to your case. By consolidating the cases into a single jurisdiction the law hopes to improve speed and fairness. A judge will set the same set of rules for the government to provide information to all victims. The victims will also provide proof that they were at Camp Lejeune and they have a qualifying illness. After the information gathering is completed lawyers will write memorandums to the judge to discuss legal issues. After all pretrial legal issues are decided the judge will conduct the first trial. This is a test case. There may be several test cases in Camp Lejeune water cases because there are several different illnesses covered. The test cases will be used to determine the amount of money that other claimants will be offered as a settlement without going to trial. We predict very few cases will go to trial.

We are honored to help veterans and their families

Bob King: Camp Lejeune Lawyer

Veterans and their families have given and continue to give so much to our country and our community. They have sacrificed in countless ways. Both of my grandfather’s served in WWII and when I found out what happened at Camp Lejeune I was beyond upset. That’s why I have made helping victims of toxic water contamination the top priority of my firm.

My office and I are assisting veterans and their families every day to determine if they are eligible to receive financial compensation. We can never do enough to honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans and rest assured my team and I at King Law will continue to aggressively advocate on behalf of our veterans and their families.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the toxic water contamination at Camp Lejeune, please call my office directly at 585-270-8882 or contact us by filling out the secure form at the top of this page and we will get in touch with you immediately.

Wherever you are – we’ll be there

“If you live in the lower 48 states and have a qualifying claim, call me and I will personally meet with you at your home to discuss your case.” –Robert King
Call Robert King at (585) 535-9114 to get started.

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