Do I Need to See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

Motor vehicle accidents in New York can be extremely upsetting and disorienting, and it can be difficult to think clearly after you have sustained injuries in a crash. Even if your injuries do not appear to be severe, you may be unsettled and unsure if you should go to a doctor or simply go home and rest. You should know that it is critical to seek medical attention after a car accident in Upstate New York for many different reasons, even if you do not think you need immediate help from a healthcare provider. An experienced Rochester car accident lawyer at our firm can tell you more about why you need to see a doctor, and we can help you with your traffic collision claim.

Car Accident Injuries May Not Produce Immediate Signs or Symptoms

You should know that many car accident injuries, including some serious ones, may not produce immediate signs or symptoms. For example, the Mayo Clinic explains that it can take hours, days, or even more time before the obvious symptoms of whiplash show up. The early signs of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or a concussion also may not seem obvious, but they can worsen significantly as more time passes. As such, it is critical to have a medical assessment from a health care provider when you have been involved in a traffic collision in Rochester, Syracuse, or elsewhere upstate. 

Delayed Medical Care Could Affect Your Damages Award

If you delay seeking medical care, your damages award or payout could be affected. Indeed, under New York’s comparative fault law, an injured plaintiff’s damages award can be reduced by his or her portion of fault if the accident itself or the severity of her injuries resulted from her own negligence. Failing to seek immediate medical attention and to have an assessment from a health care provider may be considered negligent in a car accident claim. The risk of comparative fault reducing your damages award is a particular concern when injuries obviously worsen as a result of delayed medical care. 

You Will Need Medical Documentation of a Serious Injury to File a Car Accident Lawsuit

Finally, you will need to have medical documentation of a serious injury if you plan to file a car accident lawsuit. Under New York law, if you cannot prove with medical evidence that you meet the serious injury threshold required to file a lawsuit against an at-fault driver, you cannot be eligible to file a lawsuit. As such, you should see a doctor as soon as possible after a crash, and continue to seek medical attention, so that you have clear documentation of a serious injury.

Contact a Rochester Car Accident Lawyer

Were you injured in a car accident, and do you need help understanding how your medical records may impact your claim? One of our experienced Rochester car accident attorneys can speak with you today about your case. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about the services we provide to injury victims in car accidents throughout Upstate New York. Contact King Law today to get started on your claim.


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