Dangerous Intersections to Avoid in Monroe County

Driving can be one of the most dangerous activities a person will participate in during the course of their life. While collisions can be caused by a myriad of different factors – including speeding, driving while intoxicateddriving while distracted, and failing to yield the right of way – certain collisions are caused in full or in part by the road itself. Whether it be due to poor roadway maintenance, a lack of traffic signals, or blind curves, certain spots can be more prone to collisions than others.

At King Law, our Rochester car accident lawyers are always on the lookout for ways to keep members of the community safe. Based on 2014 data collected by, our firm has compiled a list of some of the most dangerous intersections throughout Monroe County, each of which has been the site of at least five collisions resulting in injury:

  • Brockport Spencerport Rd. and Sweden Walker Rd.
  • Timber Ridge Dr. and S. Union St.
  • W. Ridge Rd. and Latona Rd.
  • Maiden Ln. and Dewey Ave.
  • Avis St. and Dewey Ave.
  • Mt. Read Blvd. and Jay St.
  • W. Broad St and Jay St.
  • Howard Rd. and Hinchey Rd.
  • Pinnacle Rd. and Calkins Rd.
  • Eiffel Pl. and Joseph Ave.
  • Driving Park Ave. and St. Paul St.
  • Lake View Park and Lake View Ave.
  • Bay Rd. and Empire Blvd.
  • Bay Rd. and Park Ln. Dr.
  • Shoemaker Rd. and Whiting Rd.
  • Bay St. and Goodman St N.

In addition, each of the following Monroe County intersections had at least one fatal collision in 2014:

  • W. Ridge Rd. and Gallup Rd.
  • Emerson St. and Mt. Read Blvd North Srv. Rd.
  • N. Clinton Ave. and Evergreen St.
  • Kenliworth Terrace and Alexander St.
  • Pulaski St. and Hudson Ave.
  • Monroe Ave. and Roosevelt Rd.
  • Whitney Road East and Carter Rd.
  • Shoemaker Rd. and Holt Rd.
  • Stony Point Rd. and S. Union St.
  • Wheatland Center Rd. and Scottsville Mumford Rd.
  • Hylan Dr. Calkins Rd.
  • Calkins Rd and Colony Ln.
  • Baker Ave. and N. Park Dr.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision at any of the above intersections, you may have grounds to pursue monetary compensation from those responsible. At King Law, our Rochester personal injury lawyer understands your suffering and can provide the strong legal guidance you need to maximize your potential recovery.

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